­Fractional Infusion Therapy (FIT)

micro-needlingFractional Infusion Therapy (FIT) is the latest aesthetic treatment, combining micro-needling with simultaneous vacuum infusion of topical solutions, which pulls the serums deeper into the skin for a more effective treatment. This cutting-edge technology eliminates the limitation of other so-called “infusion” procedures, which typically consist of a microdermabrasion treatment followed by an application of solutions to the top layer of the skin.  FIT now provides a more advanced method of delivering topical solutions to the skin for greater benefit to the patient.

Micro-needling has become a prominent treatment because it stimulates the body to increase collagen and fibroblasts by boosting growth factors that result from the body being stimulated into the healing phase. It has been advocated as an alternative to fractional laser treatments because it lacks the downtime and collateral damage to tissue that is associated with light- and heat-generating treatments.

However, traditional micro-needling technology offers a limited method of transporting topicals deeper into the skin.  When these treatments are performed, a thick viscous serum is placed on the skin and the channels created by the micro-needles are supposed to allow the serum to absorb into the dermis.  But how much of that product actually penetrates through those channels?  In addition, the majority of micro-needling devices push down either by manual force or by a motor of some sort. Because the skin is elastic – and this elasticity varies from area to area and from person to person – it collapses as an object is pushed into it.  As a result, by pushing into skin, the depth of penetration becomes very unpredictable and uneven. Coupled with the pain that accompanies an instrument being pushed downwards, the treatment becomes undesirable and unpredictable.

There is new technology that takes all of these factors into consideration and offers a pain-free, no-downtime treatment that is safe and predictable: DermaFrac™. DermaFrac™ utilizes micro-needles to create pathways into the skin but it outperforms other micro-needling treatments with its simultaneous delivery of potent topicals under vacuum. Vacuum places the skin under the precise amount of tension for even penetration of the needle tips and maximizes effectiveness of the topical by delivering it deeper into the skin. Furthermore, the four proprietary DermaFrac™ topicals are aqueous-based, which allows for a much better delivery than thicker viscous serums. The DermaFrac™ treatment is a true combination of micro-needling and infusion that is safe, effective and pain-free. This treatment is ideal for addressing anti-aging, hydration, pigmentation and overall skin improvement.

The length of the DermaFrac™ micro-needles have been specifically selected to penetrate the skin but limit bleeding or pain and to best stimulate the healing process.  Clinical studies have shown that collagen synthesis does not occur in the skin any deeper than 0.5mm-0.6mm. This would indicate that for treatments related to anti-aging, hydration, pigmentation and general skin improvement, the ideal depth is relatively shallow.  DermaFrac™ utilizes 0.25mm and 0.5mm needles and studies confirm that results are significantly improved with these shorter needle lengths compared to needles of 1-2mm.  The only time that a longer needle would be necessary is for deep scar revision.  As the number of patients requiring deep scar revision is a small percentage compared to those seeking anti-aging, hydration, and pigmentation treatments, DermaFrac™ is a much more desirable investment for the owner of an aesthetic practice.

DermaFrac™ also makes an excellent adjunctive treatment. When performing a heat-generating treatment where water is the chromophore or target (such as Fraxel, laser, erbium, CO² or RF treatments), the target will be more abundant and the treatment more effective if the patient is fully hydrated before the treatment.  Moreover, following any heat-generating treatment like IPL, laser or RF, the skin will b­ecome even more dehydrated. DermaFrac™ can deliver hyaluronic acid into the dermis for full hydration before and after these procedures.

Genesis Biosystems is proud to be associated with the IAPAM organization and is more than happy to help new aesthetic businesses become successful.  Learn more about the special offers afforded to IAPAM members by calling 1-888-577-7335. Videos, testimonials, before-and-after photographs and more can be reviewed at www.dermafrac.com

­Fractional Infusion Therapy (FIT)
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