10 Reasons You Should be Talking About Tattoo Removals

tattoo removalTattoos were at one point a real fashion statement, and to this day remain the case. But many individuals seek out their first tattoo for wrong reasons. And it is for these very reasons that they eventually wish to have them removed completely. Technology has advanced a fair bit these days, and tattoo removal is no longer impossible.

If you run a cosmetic surgical practice and have not yet added tattoo removal service to your list of services offered, you could be missing out. There a number of reasons why you should be discussing this amongst your professional colleagues, and here we shall touch up on 10 of these reasons.

Reason #1 – There is an increasing demand

If you took a brief look at the statistics, you may be surprised to hear that over half the people who have a tattoo wish to have it removed at some point in their lives. Given that over 40 million people in the United States have a tattoo; it means that over 20 million will wish to have it removed at some point. This makes the market huge and one that is still not oversaturated.

Reason #2 – It is quick and easy

The advantage of a tattoo removal procedure is that it is no way as nearly painful as getting a tattoo. Furthermore, the risks associated with tattoo removal are miniscule, and the end results can be very satisfying to the patient.

Reason #3 – The rules can work in your favor

If you have received the specific training needed for tattoo removal, then most medical boards now encourage doctors to offer these procedures in their practice. In some states in the US, only certain states allow professionals other than doctors to perform these procedures.

Reason #4 – It is profitable

Tattoo removal can bring in healthy revenue to the practice. Some patients need multiple sessions, so overall income can increase by a fair margin once you get going.

Reason #5 – It does not need more staff

The main advantage of adding tattoo removal to your practice is that you do not need to hire any additional staff to perform this procedure. Your overhead is limited to just new equipment, which literally pays for itself once the patients start attending.

Reason #6 – Enhance your patient base

Once you add a service like tattoo removal to your practice, there is no doubt the patient base will start to expand once word spreads around.

Reason #7 – Offering a worthy service

Many people come for tattoo removal so that they can apply for a new job, are getting married or a similar situation that improves or changes their life. They are willing to pay for such a service, and when performed well will no doubt be returned with gratitude for helping them out. After all, we all work toward the betterment and health of our patients.

Reason #8 – Easy to start

The only investment you will actually need is to purchase the laser equipment. Once you have that then you are good to go as long as you have the necessary training to operate the equipment.

Reason #9 – Offering other up to date care

Remember, once you have added on a tattoo removal service, your other services will also become a talking point amongst patients and could increase the performance of other procedures.

Reason #10 – Its cash in hand

Insurance does not cover tattoo removal procedures, and patients will pay in cash. This is no doubt very good.


So there you have it – 10 top reasons why you should be talking about adding tattoo removal and kick-starting a service today.

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