Aesthetic Practice Update – What do patients want in these times?

I thought I would check in with you all to see how you are doing. Finally, we are seeing some good news in the news (depending on where you are in the country), there may be some relaxing of social distancing and some opening of businesses. One thing that is not really opening is personal services, so I want you to brainstorm some ideas of what you can offer your patients right now.

You may not be able to offer cosmetic injectables or Botox at this moment but one of the things you can do, if you have done training, and you are interested is weight loss. Weight loss is certainly in demand! The nice thing about weight loss is you can feel free to modify your program, for example, you may not do all the labs that you may need or you may not bring them in for injections for vitamins, but we can work around that. I am seeing clinics doing curbside pickup for their patient guidebook, supplements, and vitamins that they sell in the tube format. I am also seeing practices going to homes and doing a drop off either right in a mailbox or on the doorstep with a nice little package of the weight loss items. How are these practices keeping up with their patients? They are doing Facebook Lives, Zoom one-on-one consultations and telephone consultations. Keep active with your patients by using your Facebook page. Facebook is a great opportunity as more and more people are going to Facebook to communicate, as well as learn news on what is going on. This is a great opportunity for you to utilize Facebook to help your patients as well.

And for you, what are you doing? This is a time to also think about what has been on the back burner. What have you been meaning to do for the last six months, six years, and start taking a look at that? I know for me I have actually been meaning to play the piano, so I went onto Udemy and signed up for a free piano course and I am starting to learn it. What have you been putting off thinking that you haven’t had the time to do?  Now is the time to do some stuff for YOU. It could be yoga, meditation, deep breathing, spin cycling, peloton, or whatever you have. Try and stay active and still keep your social distancing. I hope you and your family are healthy and well, and I look forward to seeing you soon.

Please check out my video of this blog. More videos to come.

Stay healthy!


Jeff Russell
Executive Director

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