All about Jeuveau (Newtox)

Looking younger is something that most people want, which has caused an all-time high demand for anti-aging treatments. People usually prefer non-invasive measures than going through invasive surgery. Botox® has been the most popular non-invasive anti-wrinkle treatment for the longest time. However, not many people are aware that they also have another effective option in the form of Jeuveau™ ( it’s even branding itself as Newtox). Are you wondering what Jeuveau™ is and whether you should include it in your practice? Do you think getting Jeuveau™ training would be a good idea? If you are confused, let us make things clear by shedding some light on what Jeuveau™ is all about.

What you need to know about Jeuveau™

Jeuveau™ is quite similar to other injectable neurotoxins available on the market. It is a botulinum toxin type A which works by relaxing the facial muscle through injection. It is similar to other neuromodulators in terms of mechanism of action and administration. The toxin can be applied to all areas that Botox® can treat and it is effective in cosmetic as well as medical conditions.

The term Jeuveau™ is derived from nouveau, a French word meaning modern or recent. With this product, patients can look younger without having to worry about having to have surgical procedures. It is basically a 900 kDa purified botulinum toxin formula type A which ensures a reduction of wrinkles quickly. The production of the toxin is done under strict supervision, ensuring that high standards are maintained. It is made in facilities where no other drug has been manufactured and has been tried and tested and been found to be safe.

Jeuveau™ is approved by the FDA after passing two clinical trials in the US. The trials confirmed that the product is quite effective in reducing wrinkles. The studies which spanned a period of 30 days established that the toxin was quite safe overall and produced improved results. You can expect the results you are looking for with this product.

How it stands apart from other injectable options?

There are subtle changes in the formulas of these drugs which make them different from one another. Perhaps a different strain of toxin is used or the proteins present in the formula could be different. These changes also explain why a certain drug works more effectively on one patient compared to another. The difference between Botox® and Jeuveau™ lies in the strains of botulinum toxin used in each manufacturing process.

It is vital to keep in mind that the injection of these neuromodulators requires extensive training and knowledge. One needs to have an understanding of the facial muscular structure and also one must be aware of the exact quantity of the product that should be used for desired results. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that you have proper Jeuveau™ training before including it in your practice services.

Uses of Jeuveau™

This prescription drug is injected into the muscles of the patient which leads to the nerves freezing temporarily. Jeuveau™ injection paralyzes the muscles in the face, smoothing them out thereby ensuring that the skin appears younger. The most common use of the product is reducing wrinkles and since it is non-invasive and safe, people prefer it rather than cosmetic surgeries.

Safety is not something that you have to be worried about when it comes to the use of Jeuveau™. This is because it is approved by the FDA whose approval is considered gold standard as far as the safety of medicines is concerned.

Are Jeuveau™ (Newtox) and Botox® similar?

There is not much difference in Botox® and Jeuveau™, considering that they are extracted from the same type of bacteria. Botox® is one of the most common neuromodulators used and Jeuveau™ also follows the same mechanism of action to get rid of wrinkles from the face. However, it is vital to keep in mind that Botox® refers to an established brand. It is not the term of the standard drug. The two drugs, Jeuveau™ and Botox® belong to two different brands of the same neurotoxin.

What differentiates Jeuveau™ from Botox®?

Jeuveau™ has recently been introduced into the world of neurotoxins. Thus, although it is as effective as Botox®, it does not have a track record or the popularity that Botox® currently has. However, this is expected to change. The biggest difference is the discounted price of Jeuveau™. It is quite cost-effective compared to Botox® and thus may prove to be a better option for your clinic since you would be able to provide your patients with the same results at a lower cost.

The decision as to whether one should use Jeuveau™ or Botox® largely depends on the personal preference of the patient and the healthcare professional administering the injection. However, Jeuveau™ training is more or less similar to Botox® training. Therefore, a person trained to inject Botox® can also administer Jeuveau™ (Newtox) injections with ease.

Most drugs used for cosmetic purposes comprise the same formula and Jeuveau™ and Botox® have similar effectiveness and safety profiles. Therefore, they can be considered alternatives to one another. Someone who has used Botox® in the past can now turn to Jeuveau™ and vice versa. Since their efficacy profile is similar, the same results would be provided by both neurotoxins.

There are no side effects that could pose serious harm to you when it comes to using Jeuveau™. However, one might find themselves at risk if they get the injection from an untrained medical professional. It is essential that the person administering the injection takes a detailed medical history and is aware of any allergies of the patient. This can ensure that there are no adverse consequences of the drug.

Why Jeuveau™ would be good for your clinic?

Many people are willing to pay for anti-wrinkle procedures, however, the high prices render it out of reach for some patients. An effective treatment that is also affordable would undoubtedly appeal to a greater market. Experts expect the popularity of Jeuveau™ to sustain an upward trend. Therefore, you can cash in on the opportunity and increase revenue for your clinic.

Furthermore, people like having multiple options. It makes them feel that they have the freedom to choose. Offering both Botox® and Jeuveau™ at your clinic will increase your credibility and will also make your patients have more trust in your practice.

Training for Jeuveau™

Jeuveau™ training would enable you to be in a better position to address all queries from your patient regarding Jeuveau™ and remove any apprehensions they might have. A new injectable is bound to make people wary and therefore it is vital that you have full knowledge about it to put them at ease.

Remember that you need to be certified to inject Jeuveau™ (Newtox) and other neurotoxins. Clinics with proper medically trained professionals can excel in their practice since they have the necessary skills. Furthermore, certification ensures the trust of your patients and increases your credibility as a preferred injector.

The training includes knowledge about the drug along with hands-on experience. You would be provided with all the information you need to inject Jeuveau™ expertly, without incurring any harm to your patients.


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Final Words

There is no denying that Jeuveau™ is a worthy alternative to Botox®. It is as effective and safe as the former but at a lower price. More people can afford it. Therefore, if you wish to make sure that your clinic is accessible to more people and gain new patients, it is advisable to offer Jeuveau™ treatment in your practice.



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Please note: Botox is a registered trademark of Allergan Inc., Dysport is a registered trademark of Galderma, Xeomin is a registered trademark of Merz Pharmaceuticals, LLC and Jeuveau is a registered trademark of  Evolus.

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