Bursting at the Seams with Patients!

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Social Media Marketing Program

Bursting at the seams with patients! That’s the type of problem all aesthetic practices would love to have! Did you know that over 79% of 18 to 49-year-olds are on Facebook, with over half being female? Your patients and future patients are on Facebook, and your practice needs to be on Facebook too! (That is, if you want to be bursting at the seams with patients!) Remember the more patients you see, the higher your profits will be and profits are a good thing!

There is a lot of competition in the aesthetic medicine industry. Potential patients are shopping online for solutions to meet their aesthetic needs. They are not just checking websites; they are checking Facebook and Twitter to see how you rate amongst your competition. What makes your practice stand out so that you are their number one choice? Are your Facebook and Twitter posts current or over 6 months old?

Social-media plays a key-role in promoting your practice, but who has time to post a strong variety of posts on both Facebook and Twitter every single day? Posting every day is critical in order to get visibility to those who like you. Your focus is your patients! That’s why the IAPAM created the Social Media Marketing Program!

Social Media Marketing Program

For only $199/month, we do this for you! This program provides over 30 posts a month on your Facebook practice page, and 30 tweets a month on your Twitter practice page (if you don’t have them, no problem, they are free for you to setup). In addition, posts with images are viewed and shared more than other posts, so we are going to be posting trending Infographic Images on your Facebook and Twitter accounts for you!

Facebook Live is a great marketing tool for Aesthetic Practices to showcase your expertise and procedures. Facebook Live is hot right now; learn more on how to leverage this service with the Facebook Live playbook.  Get your Free Copy of the Facebook Live playbook NOW! Another important component of social media marketing is getting on-line reviews, so we have also included a playbook to help you get more 5-Star Reviews as part of this program!

Physicians should not be worrying about #hashtags or even how to use them!  The fact is social media is always changing and evolving, and practices must keep up with the times and be on top of trends. We have seen the number of patients coming into our practice skyrocket in the last year because we post on Facebook and Twitter regularly.

Social Media Marketing Program

Social Media Marketing Program

Since you cannot hire a social media manager for $199/month, our Social Media Marketing Program can be your very own Marketing Department! We will save staff time for you by taking over this task and freeing up more time to spend with patients – this offer will pay for itself quickly!  By using the images provided and having the social media posts, we will create a professional look and increase traffic to your website! The IAPAM understand the trends, so we can create more directed and effective messages that are timely and this will help grow your practice!

Social Media Marketing Program sign-up

The sooner you sign-up the sooner we can start posting for you. The sooner we start posting for you, the sooner you will see an increase in patient inquiries and appointments. This is a must have for any 21st century aesthetic practice!


Questions? We are happy to answer them! Contact Alexis Paproski, Practice Success Manager at the IAPAM. 1-800-219-5108 Ext. 709.


Bursting at the Seams with Patients!
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