Certified Cosmetic Injection Trainer Program

Certified Cosmetic Injection Trainer Program Summary

advanced botox training certification programThe IAPAM is looking for experienced cosmetic injectable trainers to provide small group hands-on training to licensed healthcare providers with unrestricted prescribing capability (i.e.  MD, DO, PA, NP, NMD, DDS, DMD). The purpose of this training is to ensure those in the industry are properly trained and provide patients with great results.

The IAPAM Botox®/Filler Training Bootcamp will give licensed healthcare providers two days of the most intensive, small group, hands-on cosmetic injectable training available in North America. Our Advanced Filler Bootcamp is a 1-day program designed for those who have completed the Botox®/Filler Training Bootcamp and have completed at least 50 injections since completing the training.


Overview of  Cosmetic Injectable Training:

Botox/Filler Bootcamp will be a maximum of three trainees per weekend, along with 8 patients that you will provide. Day 1 (Saturday) will be advanced Botulinum toxin injections, and Day 2 (Sunday) will be basic Dermal Filler injections (nasal labia fold, marionette lines). Patients will pay cost for the injectables they require.

Advanced Filler training will be a 1-day program. You will provide at least 3 patients and the patients will purchase their fillers at cost. A working lunch for each participant is also included with each day.

Advanced Botulinum Toxin & Filler Training Agenda:

Day 1 (toxins):

  • Glabellar frown lines
  • Frontalis forehead lines
  • Periorbital rhytid “crows feet”
  • Nasalis ”bunny” lines
  • pebbly “peau d’orange” chin
  • hypertrophic inferior orbiculartis ”jelly roll”
  • Brow lift
  • Depressor Anguli Oris

8:30am ~ Didactic lecture: Botulinum Toxin Injections for the Upper & Lower Face:
A thorough review of the muscles of facial expression will be presented. The indications, risks and benefits of Botulinum Toxin’s (Botox Cosmetic®, Xeomin®, Dysport®) will be discussed for both upper & lower face. Ideal dosing & advanced injection techniques will be emphasized.

Demonstration of Botulinum Toxin Injections for the Upper & Lower Face:
Treatment of glabellar frown lines, frontalis forehead lines, periorbital rhytids, nasalis ”bunny” lines, pebbly “peau d’orange” chin, and hypertrophic inferior orbiculartis will be demonstrated. Cosmetic patient consultation skills & patient interview techniques will be focused on.

Cosmetic Injection Hands-On Training:
Attendees will evaluate & treat cosmetic injectable patients for both upper & lower face. There will be maximum of 3 trainees per instructor, and a minimum of 3 patients per group. All instructors are experienced and Certified instructors.

5:30pm – Conclusion

Day 2 (Fillers):

  • Melomental “Marionette” lines
  • Lip augmentation
  • Nasolabial folds
  • Perioral & fine lines

8:30am – Dermal Filler Didactic:
A didactic presentation on the use of Restylane/Perlane® and Juvederm® for nasolabial folds, melomental folds (“marionette lines”), perioral lines, and lip augmentation.

Dermal Filler Demonstration:
A demonstration of the most advanced dermal filler techniques for the correction of nasolabial & melomental folds; and lip augmentation & enhancement.

Dermal Filler Hands-On Injection Training:
Attendees will perform dermal filler injections for marionette lines, lip augmentation, nasolabial folds, perioral & fine lines under the guidance of Dermal Filler CERTIFIED instructors.

5:30pm – Conclusion
Course Evaluations and Certificates presented.


Advanced Filler Training Agenda:

  • Jaw contouring
  • Tear trough
  • Cheek augmentation
  • Advanced lip techniques

8:30am – Didactic lecture: Advanced Dermal Filler Procedures:
A didactic presentation on the use of common hyaluronic dermal fillers (i.e. Restylane/Perlane®, Juvederm®, Boletero, etc.) for cheek augmentation, tear trough treatments, jaw contouring and volumetric lift.

Dermal Filler Volume Lift Demonstration:
A demonstration of the most advanced techniques for the correction of cheek augmentation, tear trough and fat pad treatments, jaw contouring, brow lift and volumetric lift.

Dermal Filler Injection Advanced Techniques hands on Experience:
Attendees will perform hylauronic injections for cheek augmentation, tear trough treatments, jaw contouring, brow lift, fern technique, advanced lip techniques and volumetric lift under the guidance of CERTIFIED instructors.

5:30pm – Conclusion
Course Evaluations Certificates presented. Attendees will have the opportunity to pose questions, review difficult cases and discuss any other issues they wish with the expert panel.


Trainer Requirements:

  • Currently able practice medicine without restrictions.
  • Have a medical spa or medical practice for hands-on training.
  • +3 years’ experience with botulinum toxin and hyaluronic acid cosmetic injectables (i.e. Botox, Xeomin, Dysport, Juvederm, Voluma, Restylane, Boletero, etc).
  • Completed over 300 patient injections.
  • +4.5 online Google Review Rating of your practice.
  • Be able to provide +8 injectable patients/m for trainings who will pay cost for injectable products.
  • Have a practice manager available to manage a roster of injectable patients for training.
  • Have a minimum of 6 weekends (Saturday & Sunday) during the year (preferably one weekend available per month for training).
  • Have appropriate medical malpractice insurance in place for trainings.
  • Provide lunch each day for all attendees.
  • Provide transportation to your medical facility from nearby hotel (if hotel doesn’t provide a free shuttle service).


IAPAM provides:

    • 1-3 trainees (licensed healthcare provider’s: MD/DO, DDS/DMD, PA, NP, NMD, RN) per event
    • CME certification of program* (currently under application)
    • 45% of total training revenues, estimated $1,799/pp
    • Administrative fees, including: ACCME CME certification fees, credit card processing charges, marketing,  administration of program, textbooks, shipping and handling of training materials to attendees.
    • Training materials for trainees (Botox/filler textbook mailed to participants)
    • Marketing of program
    • IAPAM faculty status
    • Free IAPAM membership while certified
    • IAPAM Certified Trainer Certification


*Note: We are currently working out the fine details of this program and therefore are subject to change without notice

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