The IAPAM’s Symposium Botox and Weight Loss Training is money well invested

“Jeff is a fantastic speaker!  He gives a lot of very useful information in a very entertaining way.  He is very open and easily approachable.  He has made sitting in a conference….much more enjoyable.  Coming to this program was money well invested.” ~  V. Perez-McArthur, DO (April ’12)

“Everything about the weight loss program was excellent. I have no regrets that I attended. Everything was great!” ~ A. Gay, MD (April ’12)

“Great tips. I learn more everytime I [refresh my knowledge at] the [Medical Weight Management] course.” ~ A. Vasquez, MD (April ’12)

“Everything was new to me and the setting up of a practice content was most important.  Definitely worth it.” ~ D. Gerard, MD (April ’12)

“Excellent content and presentations. Very useful data and tips for setting up the [Medical Weight Management] program in my clinic.” ~ S. Chowdhury, MD (April ’12)

“Learned a lot.  Look forward to implementing this [Medical Weight Management program] into my practice.” ~ H. Carter, MD (April ’12)

“Clean Start Weight Loss is a great diet.  Keep up the good job of sharing information on this program with us.  I also appreciated the additional information on B vitamins and the MIC injection and the enhanced “business of Medical Weight Management” presentation.  Thanks Jeff, great job!!!” ~ M. Gorelick, MD (April ’12)

“[I learned] Everything I wanted to know and more about weight loss!!  Jeff is fantastic and makes it sound easy!!” ~ M. Tedtaotao, MD (April ’12)

“Mr. Russell was very thorough in his presentation.  He had very practical points, and [his presentation] was simple and easy [to follow].  I think he is an asset to the program.  I hope I can do a great percentage of what he described!”

“Great insight on weight loss options.  Great program! Information presented in an interesting manner.” ~ S. Willham, CFNP (April ’12)

“Value added series that can be incorporated into an medical weight loss program.  Excellent diet protocols.  Worth it!” ~ C. Avendano (March ’12)

“The concept of ‘group consultation and the business aspects of weight loss program [were of most importance to me]. Very worth it!!!” ~ D. Hevi, MD (March ’12)

[Regarding the Symposium, the topic of most interest to me was the] “laser/IPL – it was something I knew so little about prior to this conference and had little understanding of.  Now it makes sense, and would be a no-brainer to incorporate into my practice at some point in the future.” ~ J. Cawley, MD (April ’12)

IAPAM’s Aesthetic Medicine Symposium with Botox Training, in Scottsdale, AZ


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