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Dentists Performing Botox


Botox injections are administered by trained medical personnel in the aesthetic medicine industry, to improve one’s appearance, be it for personal reasons or for medical reasons. There are rather stringent guidelines on who should be allowed to inject Botox®, with the overall suggestion being that a trained doctor should be performing them. Of course, other trained medical  personnel such as nurses can also inject Botox® but under the supervision of a supervising physician.

Recently, there has been some discussion as to whether dentists can prescribe and administer botox injections. There can be a number of factors that play a role in deciding this, including state laws and guidelines.

Let’s take a look at this a bit further.

What are the issues?

Well, the issues with dentists injecting Botox® are the same with any health care professional injecting it – it is all about whether they are trained to do so. Granted Botox® injections are hardly similar to complex heart surgery, but it is still necessary to understand the intricate details of the human anatomy to produce the desired results. Side effects can occur and the treating professional needs to be aware of them and capable of handling them.

In other words, dentists who are trained in prescribing and administering Botox® injections will likely be allowed to inject Botox®.

Dentists and Botox® injections

botox_training (39)wMost states in the United States now allow dentists to administer Botox Cosmetic® injections. However, the indications for injecting Botox® are different to regular cosmetic injections. For example, the Dental Board of California allows dentists to inject Botox® to diagnose and treat myofascial conditions that form a part of a dental treatment plan. The use of Botox® for cosmetic reasons by dentists however is illegal. Doing so requires a privilege under the Facial Cosmetic Surgery Permit. Within the state of Georgia, dentists need to take a 21 hour board approved course that details out facial anatomy and the exact techniques of using Botox® and the available market forms of it.

More recently, the Massachusetts Board of Dentistry approved dentists who have had practical training in cosmetic injection treatments to administer botox and fillers for cosmetic purposes.  Nevada, also allows both qualified dentists and hygienists to provide Botox® and dermal filler injections.

It is evident that rules are different between states, and it is always worthwhile checking whether it is okay as a dentist to inject Botox® in patients. But overall, it appears that there is a growing trend of approving dentists to now inject Botox® for cosmetic purposes.

The controversy

There is a lot of discussion ongoing as to whether dentists should in fact be allowed to inject Botox® injections for cosmetic purposes. Discussions on a number of medical forums have constantly stated that they should be performed by trained plastic surgeons that have a better understanding of facial anatomy than dentists do. This concurs with some of the state board’s guidance of dentists only using Botox® for dental related procedures.

However, the dentists would argue otherwise, stating that their knowledge of facial and maxillofacial anatomy is good if not better than many physicians, thus making them the right people to administer Botox®. It would appear that this argument will continue on for years to come.


Botox injections are becoming ever more popular with the demand exceeding the number of trained medical personnel able to administer the drug. Dentists are now getting approved to provide Botox® treatments with state boards issuing new guidelines constantly.


For more information on the Botox Training for Dentists, visit the  IAPAM’s Aesthetic Medicine Symposium with Botox Training website


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