How Weight Loss Can Help You Live a Better Life


It is a well know fact that obesity brings with it a variety of different clinical conditions that can jeopardize health and reduce the life span of the individual. The recognition of this fact has made people all over the world realize how important it is to lose weight.

But what does weight loss actually bring to the table? How does it help one lead a better life? This is a commonly asked question, and here we shall explore this in a bit more detail. Let us start with the different clinical conditions.

Diabetes and obesity

Obesity or being overweight is related to the development of insulin resistance and diabetes. Diabetes can affect a number of different organs including the heart, kidneys and blood vessels, and if left untreated is associated with significant cardiovascular mortality. Studies have shown that reducing overall body fat in fact reduces the chances of developing insulin resistance, reducing the possibility of this eventually transforming into a diabetic phenotype. This in turn implies a reduced risk of developing cardiovascular disease.

High blood pressure and obesity

Being obese also increases the risk of developing high blood pressure. Diet and exercise form a major part of managing high blood pressure, as is the case with weight loss. Reducing the body weight can help keep the blood pressure under control.

Obesity and back problems

Obesity is also associated with the development of back pain. This is because the lower back in under tremendous amount of stress carrying and supporting a body weight that it is not designed to support. Thinning of the bones and even disc prolapse is common, and the resultant pain can impact activities of daily living significantly. Weight loss can help reduce the chances of this developing, and can help the individual maintain an active lifestyle doing the things that they enjoy.


It may be surprising to hear that obesity can lead to depression. This can result in a vicious cycle, where obese individuals take to comfort eating, only to put on more weight. Weight loss through exercise increases energy levels and elevates the mood remarkably. For example, people who take to running as a form of exercise develop a ‘running high’, which becomes an incentive to keep on exercising because of just how good it feels!

Obesity and respiratory problems

Respiratory problems are also common in obese patients. Bronchial asthma is common, and patients may require frequent admissions to get treatment. In addition, obesity has been linked to snoring, and this can lead to obstructive sleep apnoea. Weight loss helps manage obstructive sleep apnea, and if not done may require the use of continuous positive airway pressure as treatment.


It is evident that weight loss can reduce the chances of developing a number of different illnesses. It can keep energy levels up, mental status healthy, and can eventually help the individual lead an active and content life. All it takes is a little determination, hard work and persistence, and weight loss can be beneficial in a number of different ways.


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