IAPAM’s 2011 hCG Training is “definitely worth it.”

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“[The IAPAM’s hCG Training instructs on] how to safely do hCG in [one’s] office and how to make money doing it.”  Dr. Rocco (Mar ’11)

“Worth the travel to fly all the way from Canada!” Dr. Swanepoel (Mar ’11)

“Thank you for going through the nuts and bolts of starting a practice.  Invaluable information I will carry on into my practice.  I will refer my nurses I am very sure in the future.  Great speakers, very knowledgeable and accessible!”  Dr. Guillermo (Jan ’11)

“[Learned] how hCG works and an easy way to explain it to our patients [as well as] the importance of following the protocols precisely to gain the best results.  It was all very enlightening! Can’t wait to start my hCG journey!!”  B. Liberti (Jan ’11)

“Excellent starting platform [for hCG].  Very informative, though.  Much more than what I expected.”  Dr. Chung (Jan ’11)

“[The IAPAM’s hCG Training educates on] a unique [hCG] program that supports the patient and builds the business at the same time. Definitely worth it and tremendous value in [the] CD, with all the tools, forms, [and] time-saving docs [and other resources.]” (Mar ’11)

IAPAM hCG Training – Scottsdale, Arizona

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