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IAPAM’s Aesthetic Medicine Symposium with Botox Training & Weight Loss Training:

“This was one of the best programs I have attended in years.  Everyone gave their best as far as I was concerned….I was impressed with every presentation.  Thanks for the presentations, the sense of humour and the patience with all of our questions.  [I learned] how to do this business with integrity, but also with a sense that makes “cents.” ~ C. Deeb, NP (Oct ‘11)

“That Medical Weight Loss works.  To date, my only exposure was to homeopathic ….. “selling” this approach.  I had a very negative view of this approach.  Not so anymore.” ~ Dr. J. Magauran (Oct ‘11)

“Understanding Medical Weight Loss and how to institute a successful program.  Excellent program – I will be back.” ~ Dr. L. Sloan (Oct ‘11)

“It was really worth it.  Best CME class I have attended.  Quality material and knowledgeable presenters. [I learned that] start-up weight management does not have to be a huge expense.” ~ J. Onyekonwo, NP (Oct ‘11)

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