IAPAM’s Vivid Vision 2021

By December 31, 2021 the IAPAM will be generating $10,000,000 in revenues by helping physicians generate more income through their practice with cash-based procedures.

As medicine changes and advances, the IAPAM is changing as well.  Always looking into potential future trends and being there at the right time is at our core. Seeing the future allows us to take the greatest profit, while maintaining a superior profit margin. We are not in the commodity business (i.e. Botox training), but we will use a commodity as an entryway into a profitable product line or service offering.

IAPAM Purpose and Core Values

Our purpose is as clear as it has ever been: “To Help Practices Succeed”

We continue to live our core values:

  • Integrity – in all that you do
  • Accountability – in all that you say
  • Service – for others is at our core
  • Growth – for both ourselves and our members

Above all, we: “live a life well lived®.”


Our team consists of A-Players who want to only work for a forward thinking, energizing and entrepreneurial organization. We attract the smartest most intelligent people who always want to go that extra mile to help our customers. We have a proven hiring protocol in place that weeds out average employees. Our team only consists of those who are humble, hungry, and smart.

Our priority is focusing on our team first. Having the best team serves our customer the best. We invest heavily in training, and encourage our team members to think outside the box, to get things done, make smart decisions, and be of service to others.

Our team is small, and we outsource specialized skills that we don’t need in house, or only on occasion. We know how to leverage people, contractors and technology. We utilize automation and AI (artificial intelligence) to run the most efficient organization, which allows us to not only execute quickly, but efficiently with limited resources.

We clearly know where every marketing dollar is spent, and always want to get 10X return on our marketing investment.

Our team is authentic, and you can hear them say, “this is the best job I’ve ever had.” We work smart, get the most important things done, and we grow.

Our Unique Ability

What we do? We help practices succeed.

We provide products and services that are needed to make a positive difference in people’s lives. Our products and services are very profitable for us, our members, and their patients.

Our operations run smoothly and efficiently. We utilize the latest trends and technologies to ensure we exceed our members’ expectations. Being good is not good enough, we are our members trusted, dependable partner. We help them achieve their dreams and give them a life that is both fun and rewarding.

By helping physicians succeed, they make a positive impact on thousands of patients and their family, friends, and their community. Our products and services improve patients’ lives as well as their mental wellbeing. They feel better about themselves and raise up everyone around them. Before we bring on a new product or service, we make sure it will make a positive difference in our members and their patients’ lives.

Our membership consists only of physicians and healthcare providers who want to grow their practice. A growth mindset is a prerequisite to joining our community, our purpose is to help only those who truly want to succeed. Our members consist of those who want to do better, are humble, very intelligent and always look to help others. They not only grow themselves, but want others around them including their staff, family, friends and community to grow as well. They are on a mission to live a life well lived.

Our Products and Services

Live Events

In addition to our founding program, the Aesthetic Medicine Symposium, we now have three new events: Advanced Weight Management, regional Practice Success Symposium’s, and the annual Practice Success Summit.

Our signature event, the invitation-only Practice Success Summit, is where our members, healthcare providers, and industry thought leaders come together to network and get the pulse of what is working in healthcare, and where we are headed. This is Blue Ocean thinking at its best. All attendees leave with books, clear action-steps, and clarity on their purpose and goals. This is the leading healthcare business conference. The goal is for attendees to 10X their practice in three years. For every penny they spend, they see 10X return. Sponsors fight to be part of the Summit.

Our Symposiums generate the leads that are needed to fill our product and service offerings.

Clean Start Weight Loss®

We’ve developed the Clean Start Weight Loss® brand into a global offering consisting of physician training, consumer education resources, vitamin and supplement lines, and a meal replacement line. Our goal is to effectively reduce obesity rates, the medical complications that go along with them, and give patients a happier quality of life.

While we help reduce the climbing obesity rates, both the IAPAM and the 1,000 physicians offering the Clean Start Weight Loss® program are generating revenues, while helping patients reach their weight loss goals. We take into consideration the patient’s whole health; from their genes, their environment, their habits, and their lifestyle choices.

Practice Success Program (PSP)

Based on the successful “Secrets to a Successful Practice” book, the PSP now encompasses three industries: medical, dental and chiropractic. We have 500 monthly subscribers in our Practice Success Program, and 35 in our Elite Practice Success Program.

We now have an enthusiastic community of practice owners who want to “grow” their practice. They participate in our forums, attend our live events, and subscribe to our monthly Practice Success Program. We give them 10X value every month. These are not the “watchers,” but the “doers.”

Practice Marketing Program (PMP)

Our marketing genius consists of the knowing the latest, most effective and upcoming trends in marketing. We consistently get the highest ROI on our marketing investments while we utilize the latest techniques.

To support our members’ desires to grow their practices, our PMP marketing program now has over 300 subscribers, and we are creating multi-million-dollar practices for those who follow our programs.

Our focus on generating patients for our members has rewarded with us with a very low churn rate, and consistent monthly growth. We are known in the healthcare industry as the practice marketing experts.

Giving Back by “Living a Life Well Lived®”

Through our “live a life well lived®” brand, we have helped over 1,000 children by helping them to learn “how to fish.” We help children by giving them a safe environment to grow up and we provide them education to make a positive difference in their lives. Children are very resilient and quick learners, and we’ve created several award-winning children’s and teen books to help guide them to the best possible future possible for them.

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