Looking Younger is Easier than Ever with Botox® and Fillers

botox fillers

Getting older is a process that many of us worry about. Aging brings with it a change in our skin texture and tone, weakness of our muscles, alterations in posture and even a change in our mental faculty and energy levels. Many of us wish to keep our youth as long as we can but the unfortunate truth is that aging affects all of us. These days however, more and more research has been conducted into methods that can keep us looking younger longer.

The cosmetic world has seen tremendous advances in the past two decades. These days, Botox® injections have become the most popular form of cosmetic procedures that is sought after by many individuals. No doubt, there are reasons for this and the primary one is that this is a tried and tested method that is used by celebrities and non-celebrities alike to look younger and have healthy skin. In addition the Botox, fillers are also a very common avenue to help one look younger.

But how is it that Botox® and fillers actually help? Well, Botox® (which contains botulinum toxin) is a neurotoxin that helps block the nervous impulses to the muscles and thus paralyses it. Fine lines and wrinkles are often due to an alteration in muscle tone and by injecting the muscles underlying these skin abnormalities, skin can be smoothened out and appears a lot younger. The procedure is fairly straightforward and simple and can be done in a matter of minutes with a relatively little pain and almost no major worrying side-effects.

Dermal fillers are also as popular as Botox®. They are utilized to help plump up the lips and also to smooth out any scars that may be present under skin. Hyaluronic acid is a commonly used dermal filler though other collagen derivatives are sometimes used. These are natural products that are normally present within the skin but are now available in proprietary form.

A decision as to whether or not to use Botox® or fillers is often decided by a trained health care professional. These days, qualifications are essential to ensure that these procedures are performed by the right person who has a full knowledge of the effects and side-effects and risks and benefits. Nevertheless, if you decide to undergo either of these procedures, you can be rest assured that they will be performed by expert professionals as is required by law and national guidelines.

Another advantage that Botox® and fillers have is that the procedures are relatively cheap when compared to open plastic surgery which can be rather expensive. This makes it a very popular avenue when it comes to achieving younger looking skin.

It is clear that the field of cosmetics has been revolutionized by Botox® and dermal fillers. Treatments are simple to obtain, are almost risk-free and are performed by trained professionals, making achieving younger looking skin is simple and easy task.

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