Medical Weight Management Training & Advanced Botox & Filler Training are “so worthwhile”

The IAPAM’s Advanced Botox and Filler Bootcamp in Toronto is, “so worthwhile ….. I saw/injected so many patients and gained a lot of confidence. Patricia is a wonderful teacher and a great person on top of that! Enjoyed learning about multiple aspects of her business. She and her husband took great care of me and helped me assemble the documentation of patient types/services provided during the training that will help me in the credentialing process with my medical group so that I can add Botox/fillers in my primary care practice.” ~ Dr. K. Leighton (Dec ‘11)

The IAPAM’s Physician Medical Weight Management Training has “excellent presentations. I feel much more comfortable in adding to my practice.” ~ Dr. D. Lentz (Dec ‘11)

At the Aesthetic Medicine Symposium, “all of the topics were extremely relevant to me since I am interested in having my own aesthetic practice soon. [The IAPAM’s Symposium met my expectations, and I am] excited about he field and continued learning. The Symposium was presented in a very professional format, with lots of professionals in the field [available] to share their expertise and answered ALL my questions. [I will] go to another symposium.” ~ Y. Thomas-Ellis, PA (Dec ‘11)

“Good hands-on for Botox, peels and microdermabrasion.” ~ A. Schriefer, PA (Dec ‘11)

IAPAM’s Aesthetic Medicine Symposium with Botox Training in Scottsdale, AZ.

IAPAM’s Physician Medical Weight Management Training in Scottsdale, AZ.

IAPAM’s Advanced Botox and Filler Bootcamp in Toronto, ON, Canada.

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3-Step Botox® Training Protocol™

Step 1: Complete the Introduction to Cosmetic Injectables Online Certification

Step 2: Attend Aesthetic Medicine Symposium Didactic & Hands-on Workshop

Step 3: Perform 12 upper face Botulinum Toxin injections on friends and family

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