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In order to find something on the internet, you need to use internet browser software. Depending on your preference, it may be Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Safari (found on Mac and i-products, like iPhones and iPads).  When you type something into your internet browser, you are doing an internet search. This is how most people will find you on the internet.

The top three unpaid positions on the first page of Google search results receive about 58% of all clicks, according to online-marketing service Optify. Websites that appear on the second page? An average of 1.5%.

The first and most important part of getting found is by creating great content. This could include: blog articles, web pages, videos, photos, webinars, or whitepapers.

In an earlier post, I gave you the key webpages you should have for your aesthetic practice / medspa’s website (services, about you, contact, etc..).  That is a great first start, but in order to come up  more often when potential patients search for services you offer (ie botox, laser hair removal, chemical peels, weight loss, etc..), you want them to find you! Sure, you can buy your way up by advertising  by PPC (pay per click) through Google Adwords, but that is only one search result on the entire page, you want to come up more often!

How do you get more than one search entry when a patient Google’s a service you provide? From your website!  The more pages on relevant content that patients may type into Google, the more of chance your page will come up when they search for them.

Think about what they may search on? “laser hair removal Oakland” – we’ll then create a page called “Laser Hair Removal Oakland,” and fill it with at least 300 characters of text.  Better yet, add some real photo’s and a video clip of you doing a hair removal procedure.  By adding relevant website content (pages) like this, you’re sure to come up when your patients search out the services that you provide. One caveat is that this will take time!  You can add a page, and Google may not find it for 2-6 months, or maybe they find it in a week, you really don’t know (nor do you have any control over this).

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