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Communicate Effectively with your Patients

When you are creating your website, it is very tempting to put the focus on yourself, with words like “I, me, we”.  You need to take those words out of your website’s vocabulary.  Remember, your patients are always asking themselves, “is this procedure going to work for me?” Instead, for example, say,  “you will find that our laser hair removal procedures are painless and effectively remove that unwanted hair.”  Keep this in mind as you look through your web copy and revise any section that talks about you; replace it with something that talks about them (the patient) and the benefits you can provide them.

Tip: Always focus on the benefit and what you can give to the patient, and never on you or your practice.  Tell the patient “What’s in it for them”.

Website Readability

Another website design tip is to remember that online, people generally don’t read large blocks of text – they scan.  You may read or write at a post graduate education level, but for webpages, you want to write for a 3rd or 4th grade reading level. You will need to break down complex ideas into bite size pieces that are easily scanned. Try and limit the width of your documents to a max of 400 pixels and focus on making your text readable with good contrast.  Another item that is often over­looked is letter spacing.  It is best to make the font size at least 14 pixels. Don’t cram too much content on a webpage – white-­space is very important. You can use white-space to highlight the important content on your site and draw your patients’ attention to your call to action.

Content is King!

Content is a critical factor when optimizing your website for SEO. Many web designers and consultants will offer the services of a creative writer. This can be helpful when explaining your aesthetic or weight loss products and services by clearly specifying your keywords. It also explains your products and services in a manner which makes sense to both Google and your patient.

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