Microneedling:  It’s Getting Hot

Microneedling is becoming one of the fastest growing segments in the aesthetic business and is creating a significant revenue stream for existing medical spas.

Although the concept has been around for many years the pioneer that brought the treatments to today’s status was

Dr. Dez Fernandez a plastic surgeon from Cape Town, S. Africa whose work dates back to 1998. Two concepts are the cornerstone to this treatment, one the body’s natural response to an injury which stimulated fibroblast activity and collagen synthesis and two a channel is created which helps to deliver topical serums deeper into the skin. What is very important is not just the stimulation of growth factors and all of the good biochemical activities that are stimulated but the fact that the epidermis is not broken down which occurs in many other heat-related treatments such as lasers. Lasers have become so important to the treatment of various skin conditions but they do have a detrimental effect of the skin as a whole and can be dangerous on various skin types. Microneedling is ideal for the medical spa because it helps to build the epidermis and can be used on all skin types, this alone bridges the gap left by other treatments.

What devices are available? There are stamps, rollers, pens and devices that combine treatments all of which have a place, however as with all treatments and devices there are certain drawbacks. One thing to consider is the body’s natural response to needles being pushed into it, as we know the skin will collapse when something is trying to punture it, this means that more pressure is needed which causes pain and results in an uneven or unpredictable treatment.

If you are looking to increase revenues, offer a no downtime and totally reproducible treatment as well as set yourself apart from competition then this treatment is for you! There is a micro-channeling system available that not only utilizes the benefits of microneedling but actually deposits high grade serums into those channels that have been created, all of this with no downtime or pain! For the first time peptides, hyaluronic acid, Kojic acid etc can be delivered right to the papillary dermis in one easy step. Go to https://www.dermafrac.com to learn more.

DermaFrac™ eliminates:

  • heat issues and complications and expense of laser treatments.
  • the extra step and inefficiency of delivery topicals separately into the skin.
  • risk for darker skin types.
  • the need for anesthesia.

DermaFrac™ delivers:

  • high-grade active ingredients to the dermal layer, including anti-aging peptides, skin lighteners, hyaluronic acid moisturizers, and acne treatments.
  • effective procedures with a pleasant client experience.
  • repeat customers and more profits.

For more information and hands-on training in microchannelling, microneedling, and microdermabrasion, consider attending the Aesthetic Medicine Symposium.  The IAPAM’s Symposium is an accelerated CME Aesthetic Medicine Program where physicians, PAs, and NPs of all medical specialties come together and learn about the latest medical aesthetic procedures, including microchannelling, microneedling, and microdermabrasion, as well as hands-on botox training, laser training, chemical peels and dermal fillers.

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