Options for Hospitalists who want to Start Aesthetics

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A common question I receive at the IAPAM’s Aesthetic Medicine Symposium with Botox Training is “how do I start offering aesthetics, if I don’t have a private practice to see patients?” We certainly give many options at the Symposium, but some of my personal tips are: look for multi-speciality medical offices where you can rent a treatment room, or look for physicians who don’t use their office every day and may be interested in renting out  their space for a day or two per week.  I find that about 30% of the attendees of our Symposiums are family physicians, but we also have about 25% who are hospital based physicians, who want to move into aesthetics.

Another option for hospital medicine (HM) specialists is to partner with other hospitalists and open a “wellness” clinic, and offer a selection of cosmetic and weight loss treatments (Clean Start Weight Loss etc.) The clinic can employ a full-time office manager/receptionist, a weight management consultant, and/or a nurse to help with procedures, and the partnering physicians can work varied “shifts” to provide the injectable treatments (Botox and dermal fillers), Clean Start Weight Loss diet, physician consultation and lab reviews, etc.

Hospitalists with seniority or flexibility might want to negotiate a schedule like “7 on” and “7 off,” with their hospitals, to allow time to work at their “wellness” clinic. By opening a clinic and staffing it with the right administrative and support people, hospitalists don’t have to leave the hospital completely, but can supplement their income by offering treatments and services when their schedule permits.

Also, hospitalists can market themselves to serve as private physicians, handling an individual’s medical needs when outpatient treatment is appropriate.  Some aesthetic medicine procedures, especially injectables and chemical peels, lend themselves to outpatient treatment.

These are just some of the tips the IAPAM gives the attendees of our Aesthetic Medicine Symposium.


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