Part 2 – Medspa/ Aesthetic Practice Web Presence


What is a web presence? It is the result that someone gets when they type in your name or your practice name.

If you have a medical practice now, your patients may be using the internet to search for your address, phone number or a listing of the medical services you provide. For the most part, this information probably did not come from you. The internet searching software found you and automatically put you in on an online listing or directory.

If you have a phone number listed in a directory, you already are on the internet. The unfortunate thing is that you have no control over what people find. Sometimes your patients will add you into these online directories and make comments (good or bad) about you, and you don’t even know about it.  There are many internet directories that are now listing doctors’ offices in addition to the older ones like  You may even find yourself on an online restaurant and services rating directory like

Even just a couple of years ago, when someone typed in your name or your practice name, they would most likely find your website. Now, they may find your website, an online directory listing of your practice, an entry in a physician rating website, or some other web listing.  You never know when someone is going to say something negative about your practice, and you always want to control the information that a potential patient may read about you. This is why it is critical that you have a website that is Search Engine Optimized (SEO) for your name and your practice name.

This is a good time to discus SEO. Search Engine Optimization is done when you create your website. When you create an aesthetic practice or medical spa website, you are going to have a certain set of “keywords” that your patients will type in a search engine to find you. For example if someone is looking for a Botox clinic in Cleveland, they may type in “Cleveland Botox doctor,” in this case you will want to make sure somewhere on your website, you have “Cleveland”, “botox” and “doctor” (they don’t need to be in that order, but should be nearby). Here is an example:

“Dr. Jane Smith is Cleveland’s leading Botox doctor with over 5 years experience serving patients in Cleveland and the surrounding area.”

Using Google and Bing SEO  

People use search engines to look up everything, whether it is a product they want or a service they require. A clinic’s potential patients are also Google and Bing Users and to get the attention of these users you need SEO marketing. SEO helps generate traffic and offers a high rate of conversion because the people who open your website by looking up SEO keywords are those who actually need your services. A practice can significantly benefit from using keywords targeted at the local audience and attract more patients to their clinic.

More about SEO in my next blog!

For more information on Aesthetic Practice Marketing Strategies, consider attending the IAPAM’s Aesthetic Practice Startup Workshop ( ) . For information on the Aesthetic Medicine Symposium with Botox Training, please visit:



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