Physicians rave about the IAPAM’s Symposium with Botox Training:

“Loved it all!  Especially how much hands on we got to do!” ~ Dr. A. Funderburk Mock (Sept. ‘11)

“Very interesting to get an overview of all the different skin care technologies, with all the indicators and contraindications and skin physiology.  They were all interesting and necessary.” ~ (Sept. ‘11)

“Excellent conference.” ~ Dr. R. Ruiz (Sept. ‘11)

“Medical Weight Loss by Dr. Fulton was Excellent.  Jeff Russell was great too!” ~ Dr. A. Reddy (Sept. ‘11)

“Great Symposium.  I feel I am ready to open my Med Spa!” ~ Dr. S. Oyama (Sept. ‘11)

“Thorough and patient explanations and MOST OF ALL – each of the presenters was very receptive and helpful in taking and answering questions from the audience.  I believe this [Medical Weight Loss training] will allow us to improve our patient care and make appropriate adjustments to fees.”  ~ Dr. G. Schroeder (Sept. ‘11)

“Excellent presentation of Medical Weight Loss Program.  Excellent tips.”  ~ M. Schroeder, RN (Sept. ‘11)

“Learned lost of things about weight management and the practice of it.  Very practical and worth the time and money.  I felt I could practice an [for weight management] program very soon.” ~ Dr. H. Vuong (Sept. ‘11)

“Worth the time and money.  I can’t wait to start our [Medical Weight Loss] program.” ~ J. Pimentel, PA-C (Sept. ‘11)

“Loved the whole [Medical Weight Loss] program!  Very helpful to learn that no cheating is allowed.  And appreciated the business advice.  Yes, worth it!” ~ Dr. A. Funderburk Mock (Sept. ‘11)

“[Learned] important aspects regarding Medical Weight Loss.  Definitely worthwhile.” ~ Dr. L. Baca (Sept. ‘11)

IAPAM’s Aesthetic Medicine Symposium with Botox Training in Scottsdale, AZ

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