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Physicians Recommend IAPAM’s Botox Training and Medical Weight Management Training

“I learned a great deal from the conference and would most certainly recommend it to my colleagues. ” ~ Dr. Clarke-Bennett (April ’11)

“IAPAM is extremely great as an organization.  Overall fabulous [Medical Weight Management Training] program.” ~ Dr. Tostado (April ’11)

“Excellent program. Well worth the investment.” ~ Dr. Woolliscroft (April ’11)

“Excellent.  My mind is swimming with all the valuable [Medical Weight Management] information!!”  ~ J. Hoversland, FNP-C (April ’11)

“supervised medical weight loss can work for most people.  I now have a better concept of how to incorporate [an supervised medical weight loss program into my practice] to help others be successful.  All good speakers.” ~ Dr. Hjelle (April ’11)

Great information on the “difference between homeopathic and pharmaceutical, as well as the business side of weight loss.” ~ P. Rybak, RN (April ’11)

IAPAM’s Medical Weight Management Training – Scottsdale, Arizona

IAPAM’s Aesthetic Medicine Symposium with Botox Training – Scottsdale, Arizona

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