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Picking the Best Botox® Training Program

best botox® training

Picking the Best Botox® Training Program

For the last few years, continuous research is being conducted into methods of improving one’s appearance. Botox® injections which contain botulinum toxin are being used worldwide for a number of different clinical applications. In the cosmetic world, Botox® injections can help reduce fine lines and wrinkles in a safe and effective manner. This has become more popular recently given the celebrity endorsements and overall benefits of undergoing the injections.

In order for physicians and nurse practitioners to administer Botox®, they must undergo some form of training that can arm them with the skills to do so. These days, with the ease of searching for a doctor or clinical practice online, it is important for physicians and practitioners to ensure that they have built a reputation through offering their expert treatments to different patients. In order to become an expert, it is important to get the right training.

Board Certification

The American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS) currently does not recognize aging as a disease, so it doesn’t have a board certification for Aesthetic Medicine or certification for Botox® injections. However there are courses that are available that can help train individuals to administer injections. Botox® training courses are numerous but very few seem to meet the mark when it comes to providing the healthcare practitioner the right training and the complete know-how on how to add Botox® injections as a part of a medical practice.

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Botox® Training

So many times, physicians attend a weekend Botox training course in the hopes of learning everything there is to know about opening a medical spa or aesthetic practice.  Unfortunately, the reality of the market place is that most of these seminars are often run by laser manufacturers or consulting firms, both of whom are ultimately guiding you to purchase their products and services.  In addition, most only cover Botox® injections and don’t cover the business of adding aesthetics to a medical practice.  As well, Botox® is gateway procedure that gets patients into your practice, but is by no means profitable. If you are looking to operate a profitable aesthetic practice, then its critical you also understand how to perform the Top 5 minimally-invasive cosmetic procedures. A comprehensive aesthetics training program will not only cover Botox® training, but also training in the Top 5 minimally-invasive procedures combined with business tools training. A physician may start along the information path by attending a weekend program, but one needs to have ongoing educational and peer support, and access to additional CME approved clinical training.

You need to look at entering the aesthetic field as a journey.  You are not going to learn everything you need to enter the industry in one weekend, so you need to have access to accredited on-going clinical training, medical textbooks, DVDs and reputable on-line resources in order to hone your skills, just as you did in medical school.

It is also interesting how many private company Botox training programs advertise that they have dermatologists and plastic surgeons performing their training, yet these organizations never seem to identify who these “so called” dermatologists and plastic surgeons are? Many are on the advisory boards of the companies, but don’t participate in the live Botox® training programs they are promoting.

Ensure you confirm who will be doing your Botox® training, by looking at the training company’s faculty.  If the training company’s website does not list the actual faculty, skip the program! You will find that most physician associations will list their faculty, so they are always the best choices. You can even research the faculty on the internet to find out a bit about their background and experience.  Most reputable physicians will have their own websites which will provide you with an overview of their practice, education, and testimonials from their patients.  Physician qualifications can be reviewed using sites like

Also, if you have any questions about who will specifically be providing you with your Botox® training (hands on and/or didactic) then send the training company an email, and ask!  Well established physician associations are happy to share with you the names and credentials of who their physician trainers are.  Associations will often provide you with a link to their trainer’s websites.

Training is an investment of time and resources, and before making any investment, it is important to do a bit of homework to ensure you’re being trained by the very best. The primary advantage of these courses is that they offer a holistic view of different kinds of botulinum toxin injections. These courses also offer methods of injection and the possible complications one can expect so that the right treatment can be administered promptly. It is not just the candidates who have undergone the course that have praised the curriculum and the method of teaching, but even the patients who have been treated by physicians who have undergone this training that have been offering words of praise.

Botox® training courses must have different aspects to them that cover the various situations a physician or nurse practitioner may encounter in clinical practice. In the end of the course, the candidate must feel confident in starting their own practice and commencing Botox injections for patients. It is therefore important for these courses to be taught by trained individuals with expertise in the field of cosmetic medicine. The course run by IAPAM has been highly commended for its curriculum and the benefits it offers both patients and physicians.

Botox Training


In conclusion, when choosing a Botox training program, ensure that it is well-regarded with high levels of satisfaction with healthcare providers.  By learning about all of the available FDA approved botulinum toxins (Botox®, Xeomin®, Dysport), learning the right techniques in combination on the business skills will create not only and enjoyable, but  profitable aesthetics medicine practice for you and your patients.



Botox is a trademark of Allergan Inc; Dysport is a trademark of Galderma; Xeomin is a trademark of Merz Aesthetics

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  1. Zara Knaapen

    Im a nuclear medicine technogist who gives injections all day of radiopharmaceuticals. We do straight needle pokes to IV’s to inject our pharmaceutucals. Do our qualifications allow us to partake in the botox courses?

    • chris

      Please read your local rules and regulations. We can train only qualified candidates in the medical profession.


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