Position Your Medical Practice the Right Way – Part 2

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Now that you’ve decided on the perfect location for your medical practice, you need to decide how to appeal to your patrons once they walk in your door. You’ve managed to identify the importance of a high traffic location, complete with ease of access to transit, ample parking, in a well-lit area and in a reputable clean neighborhood.

Next, you must consider what will impact your patrons in the most positive way once they enter your establishment. Marketing your medical practice takes careful preparation. Consider these 3 important factors when it comes to the interior of your medical practice:

Reception area design

Reception areas, or waiting areas, are just as important for making a good impression as the exterior of the practice. Sometimes, medical offices can be a place that invokes stress and anxiety for patients. Therefore, it is important to provide a waiting area that is calm and serene, so that your patients feel this way while they are waiting.

Ways to achieve this include a relaxing paint and design palette of muted colors such as greens, blues and off-whites. Steer clear of aggressive colors, such as oranges and reds, which can often aggravate anxiety levels. Go even further and provide a musical soundtrack of relaxing spa or nature sounds to ease your patients’ tension. Provide ample and comfortable seating areas and ensure that the area is clean, smells fresh and doesn’t look cluttered.

Also, consider greenery in the form of plants or grasses (real or artificial) around the office, or even fresh cut flowers on the reception desk. All of these design qualities can really enhance the overall impression of your practice.

In reality, your patients may spend a lot of time in this waiting area. If it is not designed properly (cluttered, too loud, to colorful), it can increase unease and reduce the patient’s sense of security, which in turn can impact their impression of the level of care that they are about to receive.

Proper Signage and Communication

Waiting to see a doctor while you’re unwell or even waiting for an elective procedure that you’ve scheduled can be very hard. You’re uncomfortable, likely tired and hoping to get this over with as soon as possible. How can you make this easier on your patients? Simply put: communicate with them. Why not provide some informational signage that gets personal with your patients. Speak to your patient concerns with signage and don’t hesitate to display a small biography of the doctor, as well as any other useful information about the doctor.

Provide activities for your waiting patients – and include all age groups and preferences

It’s important to give your patients something useful to do while they’re waiting. If you can provide free Wi-Fi so that people can be connected while they’re waiting, you should.

Equally as important is to have a wide selection of new condition magazines on a variety of subjects (ensure that they magazines are not tattered and in disrepair, as it can contribute to an overall sense of disarray in the office). Provide a play area for children so that they can be entertained while waiting. Even further, why not equip your practice with a few televisions so people can have something to watch? You could consider subscribing to a program that loops information about health and wellness, or shows nature scenes and facts, so to invoke a feeling of calm and distraction while your patients are waiting.

There are many factors and criteria to study when deciding on a location for your medical practice. Take the time to research the area and all the factors listed above to ensure you are making the best choice for your physical location. After all, your practice is viewed as a commodity that is offering a competitive service, and physical location will most definitely impact how people perceive you.

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