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Positioning your Medical Practice – Part 4: Hiring and Training the Right Staff

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So far, in your journey to open your Medical Practice, you’ve established your location, your marketing, your client target market and your design elements – all important factors that will contribute to the success and longevity of your practice. This article examines the final and very important step to establishing a successful practice: Hiring and forming a solid employee base.

To run a successful practice you need to have keen and knowledgeable staff on board. Before you hire anyone, you should make a list of some key attributes that you are looking for. For example:

  • Determine essential staff requirements to get your practice started. This includes finding out about your State regulations for who can do what, for example, in some States, you need to be at least a nurse to inject Botox®.
  • Familiarize yourself with local employee standards requirements and typical pay rates. Hourly pay plus commission is common.
  • Determine which qualities you are looking for in an employee, ideally great clinical skills, combined with strong customer service skills, as well as soft skills like friendliness, adaptability, and an eagerness to learn.
  • Determine what kind of training or skill set your new hire should have, and if you’re wanting to train this person in-house or pay for any additional training that they might need (always contact your suppliers to provide this training).
  • Look for positive references in your potential hires. This person will be representing your practice, and will often be the first and last person that your clients deal with, so you want them to be a positive representation of your aesthetic medicine practice. Further, if this person is dealing with time sensitive test results and intimate procedures, they need to be trustworthy and respectful of these issues. References should always be obtained from people that have supervised your potential hire in a similar position. Personal references from their friends or family members will not provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision.

Once you have determined the key attributes you’re looking for in a potential hire, it’s time to reach out to these people.

A Methodical Approach

There are a lot of helpful resources on the internet that will help you get ready for posting jobs and the process from interviewing to signing a contract.

The first step will be to write out a job positing that clearly defines what you are offering and what your are looking for in a potential hire. Utilize word of mouth, local ads, and professional job search websites to advertise your job posting.

When it comes to interviewing your potentials, make sure that you go into this process well prepared. From evaluating resumes, to structuring phone and in person interviews, to making reference calls – it is essential that you get it right. You don’t want to miss out on a great potential hire because you were not prepared for your part of the hiring process. Consider contacting an HR consultant to assist you if needed.

Finally, when making your final decision in the hiring process, try to hire the best person that will be with you in the long term. Your patients will want to see familiar faces when they come for return visits, plus you certainly don’t want to train new staff over and over instead of focusing on your patients and growing your aesthetic practice. Especially at the beginning stages of your new practice, you need to have somebody on board that is experienced enough to run their part of the practice, and understands the realities of a start-up.

Provide Essential Training

Make sure that you give your staff access to information and literature about the products and services that you are offering, as well as information about advances in the medical field that are pertinent to your practice.

By keeping them informed and giving them skills, they will provide great customer service and assist in the selling aspect of your medical spa.

It’s an Investment in your Practice

Ongoing feedback to your staff, and continuing training and development will ensure that you will be able to retain your staff for the long haul. Having long-term staff to work with at your practice will not only make your patients happy, but will also make it easier for you to run your medical spa. Having someone around you that is knowledgeable, competent, and supportive makes for a great work environment, will be a great asset when it comes to hiring and training more staff once your practice is ready to expand, and will be motivating for you as well!

By hiring and training the right individuals, your practice will run smoothly, and you will be able to provide the customer service standards that will keep your clients coming back again and again, and your clients will refer your practice to their social network!


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