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50 Positive Habits to Transform Your Life by Michael Chapman is a quick and easy to read, in checklist format, of things you can add to your day to improve your life by implementing positive thinking and actions. From fitness goals, mental habits, emotions, lifestyle, personal habits, and developments. I’ll admit, not all of these are winners, but the book is free if you have Kindle Unlimited and only $6.99 in paperback.

Here are some Positive Habits found in the book:

    • Walk every day. Exercise releases endorphins which makes us happier and sharper. Walking every day improves your mood.
    • Looking at negativity. If you realize you are being negative, acknowledge it and try to change your mindset.
    • Mind games. How often do you just memorize a little poem or a piece of writing? Doing this can be a very powerful way to make sure you’ve always got a challenge.
    • 5-minute breaks. Take 5-minute breaks regularly, get away from the computer screen and chill out. You’ll be far less likely to actually continue making mistakes and will be more accurate when working.
    • Letting go. Many of us, myself included, are wrapped in our worldly possessions. Give stuff away, let go of anything that doesn’t bring you joy.


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