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No one likes wrinkles. Even though aging is a natural phenomenon, almost everyone wishes to slow it down. Some patients take a proactive approach with opting for the right cosmetic procedures.

Cosmetic procedures have been gaining popularity for many years with Botox® injections being the most requested aesthetic procedure.  Botox® is a trademarked name for the botulinum toxin that the company, Allergan manufactures, however it has become the “Kleenex” of the aesthetics world, in that it is the recognized name for any neurotoxin that is injected, no matter the manufacturer.

Recently, a new type of neurotoxin has emerged which has succeeded in creating a buzz. This procedure is known as DaxibotulinumtoxinA and dubbed by the name RT002 (by Revance Therapeutics) which is relatively new, and many tend to compare it to the original Botox® treatment. To better guide patients about which cosmetic procedure to opt for, it is essential to understand the various injectable treatments in detail.

An introduction to RT002 (DaxibotulinumtoxinA)

To understand what RT002 is, it is crucial first to decipher what Botox® is. Conventional Botox® treatments include injecting a neurotoxin in the facial muscles of a patient. This helps one in maintaining smooth and youthful skin. It does so by reducing the onset of wrinkles and lines, thereby making the skin smooth. The effects of traditional Botox® treatments tend to last three to five months.

Now, a new type of neuromodulator will soon be launched in the market. While it has become a talk of the town among cosmetic procedure enthusiasts, it is still in the process of being tested and studied. This injectable is equipped with a different neurotoxin called RT002. It is known to last longer than Botox® thereby requiring fewer treatments than conventional treatment. According to various studies, the effects of RT002 lasts for about six months.

What exactly is RT002?

The only thing that differentiates this new type of long-acting neuromodulator daxibotulinumtoxinA from Botox® is the presence of the RT002. RT002 is a neurotoxin that yields effects on the skin. Many wonder what makes this neurotoxin different. Well, this neurotoxin lasts for over six months. Apart from this, it is vegan-friendly since it doesn’t have any animal based or human components in it. Therefore, it is an excellent choice for all the vegans out there.

Difference between RT002 and Botox®

Here are some of the critical differences between RT002 and Botox®.

  • Effect of the product

While Botox® tends to last for three to five months, RT002 is known to last at least six months. Now, this can be both a good thing or a bad thing. It all depends on the quality of the service provided. For instance, if the patient is happy with the procedure, long-lasting effects mean less hassle. However, if the patient is dissatisfied with the result, they will have to bear It for a longer time than they would have had they chosen Botox®.

  • Frequency of visits

Because RT002 lasts longer than Botox®, patients would only need to visit their healthcare professional twice a year. In the case of Botox®, the frequency of visits can range from three to four times annually. Moreover, linked to the number of visits is the cost.

  • Type of component present

DaxibotulinumtoxinA and Botox® also differ in terms of the neurotoxin and components it contains. Botox® is equipped with the neurotoxin called botulinum which is produced by Clostridium botulinum. This non-toxic material helps in reducing wrinkles and fine lines. Compared to this, DaxibotulinumtoxinA is equipped with RT002, which is a different type of neurotoxin.

Why would a Botox® administrator choose RT002?

It is essential for a healthcare professional to receive Botox training in order to administer Botox® and RT002.  Here is why one should consider getting trained on injectable procedures.

  • It allows administrators to offer the right product to the patients

Different patients require different procedures. It all depends on their need and expectations. Just because conventional Botox® is ideal for some patients doesn’t mean it will work for all. One can only succeed in being a sought-after healthcare professional if they are equipped with the knowledge of all the trending practices. For healthcare professionals, choosing the injectable RT001 as a service allows their patients to have more options in terms of treatment.

  • Improved staying power makes injectable training more crucial

It is not just important to know how to inject the neurotoxin RT002, one must also know the right concentration as well as the anatomy of the human body. This is why it is essential for administrators to receive injectable training due to the fact that RT002 can last up to 6 months.

  • RT002 has the potential to be highly demanded

Another reason why Botox® administrators should consider choosing the neuromodulator RT002 is that the product has a lot of potential. In the world of today, convenience is the top priority of a lot of people. Especially the segment that has a high demand for cosmetic procedures.

Even though the product has not been FDA approved or released in the market, it has still managed to create a lot of buzz. Both healthcare professionals and patients alike are dubbing it to be the next significant trend in the world of cosmetic procedures. If the product manages to live up to the hype, the chances are it can be a significant source of income for practices. Considering the benefits and convenience it provides, there is a high probability that this will be the case.

Outcomes and expectations

Patients who get the RT002 procedure done can expect the same outcome as that of Botox® but this time with lasting results. This procedure too helps in eliminating wrinkles and fine lines. It aids in achieving smooth skin. Regardless of what one’s age is, the effects of the treatment are quite similar for all. In the case of RT002, one can expect the effects to last for half a year, thereby reducing the number of treatments one may need in a lifetime.

RT002 is the future

RT002 will prove to be a beacon of light for both administrators and patients. After all, it delivers benefits to both. For injectable administrators, it means the ability to offer the right solution to their patients as per their need. It means less dosage per patient and more lifetime value if one succeeds in delivering satisfying results. For patients, it means fewer visits to the healthcare professional. It means going through less hassle and injections. The lasting results are bound to be convenient and cost-efficient for patients in the long-run.

As of now, RT002 (by Revance Therapeutics) has not been commercialized as it is pending FDA approval. If approved by the FDA (in 2020), it will be the first injection of its kind to last six months — and dermatologists are psyched. And when RT002 is launched, it will surely revolutionize the cosmetic procedure industry.


Botox Training

Botox is a trademark of Allergan Inc.

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Botox Training


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