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Social Media Marketing Program


The IAPAM’s Social Media Practice Marketing Program offers an ‘all in one’ social media marketing package tailored to perfectly compliment the needs of your marketing strategy! For only $199 a month, you will receive guidance and support required to get your practice successfully up and running on social media and more!

No Time for Marketing?
No Problem, We’ll Do It For You!

Facebook social media marketing program IAPAM

Facebook Marketing:

The key to successful Facebook advertising is showing up daily. Your patients are on Facebook and you need to be too! To rank on Facebook, you need to post daily, but who has the time? You must have an active presence to be successful! Our monthly Social Media Program includes up to 30 industry related and engagement posts on your practice’s Facebook feed per month. You want to spend more time with your patients rather than trying to find and post 30 times/month on Facebook. Saving time for you by doing your postings more than pays for the entire monthly fee! ($300 per month value)


Twitter Social Media Merketing Program IAPAMTwitter Marketing:

If your practice is not on Twitter, now is the time to join! Twitter is a great tool to promote industry related news and the services you offer, as well being a great communication channel between you, your patients and your prospective patients. Let IAPAM lead your practice on Twitter with 30 tweets per month that will save you both time and money! ($300 per month value)



The Secrets To Getting 5 Star Reviews Playbook IAPAMIAPAM Marketing Playbooks:

Receive exclusive and valuable information on digital marketing trends featured only in IAPAM playbooks! By understanding the trends, you can create more directed and effective messages that are timely and they in turn will help to grow your practice revenues


The Secrets to Getting 5 – Star Reviews:

This playbook includes secrets to creating a practical plan on dealing with online reviews, the methods in how to get them, and the skills in how to deal with negative or unfavorable ones. This playbook will give you a level of satisfaction on the value of positive reviews and will result in validating the comfortable experience that your practice gives your patients!(++ $250 value)

Facebook Live Playbook IAPAM

Facebook Live Video Playbook:

This playbook will give you a complete overview of the Facebook Live Video feature and its benefits to your practice! It includes all you need to know and best practices for developing successful Facebook live videos.  By regularly publishing videos on your Facebook feed, it can help you rank higher than other types of content therefore leading to a higher organic reach and audiences which is 148% larger than traditional Facebook photos. This playbook is a must have resource for any practice social media strategy! (++ $250 value)

What’s Included in Your Program:Weight Loss
Both Programs Value
30 Weight Loss Facebook posts per month$300/m
30 Weight Loss Twitter posts per month$300/m
Weight Loss Infographic Marketing$250/m
30 Aesthetic Facebook Posts per month$300/m
30 Aesthetic Twitter Posts per Month$300/m
Aesthetics Infographic Marketing$250/m
Secrets To Getting 5 Star Reviews Playbook++$250 value
Bonus: Free 90-day trial++$250 value
NOW $199/m
NOW $199/m
NOW $249/m
SAVINGS:SAVE $1,200/yr!SAVE $1,200/yr!SAVE $4,188/yr!SAVE $20,400/yr!

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