Summer skin care tips

skin care

There is no better way to enjoy the summer months than spending it out in the sunshine with friends and family. Keeping the skin protected is essential to protect it from the damage it can sustain from the ultraviolet rays. Getting a nice tan is no doubt wonderful but this can be done the right way using the right protection. In this article, we will take a look at some simple steps you can take to protect your skin and enjoy the summer months as you please!

Keep hydrated

Hydration is essential to maintain skin elasticity and tone. Summer heat can dehydrate the body and the skin making it dry and prone to cracking. Drink water at regular intervals to help look after the skin. Fruit juices are also extremely beneficial. Aerated soft drinks are ideally avoided due to the unhealthy long term side-effects.

Moisturise skin regularly

Using a good quality moisturiser can help keep skin soft and supple in summer months. It is ideally done immediately after a shower so that the moisture can be locked in.

Use good quality sunscreen

Sunscreens are easily available these days in the local drugstore or even in supermarkets. It is essential that the sunscreens contain agents that will protect the skin against ultraviolet light (UVA and UVB). Sunscreens are graded on their strength of protection using a scale called sunscreen protection factor (SPF). It is worthwhile remembering that a high SPF does not necessarily mean the protection is greater. Sunscreens that have an SPF of over 15 seem to be helpful in protecting the skin against ultraviolet rays. They are available in the form of lotions, sprays and even a powder.

It is recommended that the sunscreen product contains certain key ingredients that help protect the skin in the summer months. These products are listed and approved by the American Academy of Dermatology and can include ingredients such as Cinoxate and Octyl Salicylate.

Exfoliate and tone

Exfoliation of the skin helps remove dead cells and expose new, growing cells. It helps maintain skin health and allows for what is described as a ‘glowing’ look. Skin toners help maintain a cool skin surface and protect it from damage from the heat of the sun’s rays.

Eat healthy and Exercise

Following a diet that is rich in antioxidants can predict the skin against damage from toxins. Fresh fruit and vegetables along with lean meat can provide the necessary nutrients to maintain skin health. Avoid excessively fatty foods and high consumption of alcohol can be detrimental to skin health.

Regular exercise can help maintain good blood flow to the skin and thus keep it healthy.


These are just a few simple steps that you can take to ensure that your skin remains healthy during the summer months. Follow these and you can enjoy your summer months with your friends and family without worrying about your skin health.

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