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Symposium Benefits Physicians from Around the World


At the IAPAM, we are often asked by physicians from outside the US, if they can attend and participate in the hands on training offered at the IAPAM’s Aesthetic Medicine Symposium with Botox Training.

The answer is yes!

The IAPAM’s Symposium is the perfect training program for any international physician, who is currently licensed in the country in which they practice.  Since 2006, almost 100 licensed physicians from around the world have attended our Symposiums and Medical Weight Management Training programs, and have taken what they have learned in Scottsdale back to their home countries to launch lucrative and successful medical spas or safely and profitably add aesthetic medical modalities to their existing practices.

The IAPAM has certified physicians from as far away as Kuwait, Hong Kong, the UK, Italy and Israel, as well as several physicians from Central America (Barbados, Honduras, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, and Mexico). In fact, many of our physician and patient resources are available in both English and Spanish.

Dr. S. Oyama, one of the many physicians the IAPAM has trained from Canada, raved about the IAPAM’s training, “Great Symposium.  I feel I am ready to open my Med Spa!”

We welcome any physician, who is licensed to practice medicine in their home country, to join us at our Symposiums.  The IAPAM is focused on being an international physician association, so participation at an IAPAM training event is tailored to meet the diverse needs of international physicians.

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