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Testimonials Blog Shows Why Physicians Choose the IAPAM for Clean Start Weight Loss Training

Consumer demand for Clean Start Weight Loss is exploding. Since being showcased on the Dr. Oz Show in February 2011, patients are demanding medically supervised weight loss from their physicians.  To help physicians safely and profitably add to their practices, the IAPAM offers the industry’s best physician-lead Supervised Medical Weight Loss Training program. The IAPAM’s Testimonials blog showcases physician reviews for all the IAPAM’s respected training programs, including its training.

Physicians who have attended the IAPAM’s Medical Weight Management Training rave about its comprehensiveness.  The IAPAM’s Medical Weight Management training is taught by a faculty who operate weight loss clinics, allowing physicians to learn from the faculty’s vast experience.  To testify to its value, the IAPAM has launched a blog showcasing reviews from physicians who have attended the IAPAM’s Medical Weight Management Training.

  • “IAPAM is extremely great as an organization.  Overall fabulous [Medical Weight Management Training] program.” ~ Dr. Tostado (April ‘11)
  • “Excellent program. the diet works great. Well worth the investment.” ~ Dr. Woolliscroft (April ‘11)
  • “Excellent.  My mind is swimming with all the valuable [Clean Start Weight Loss] information!!”  ~ J. Hoversland, FNP-C (April ‘11)
  • “Clean Start Weight Loss can work for most people.  I now have a better concept of how to incorporate [an weight loss program into my practice] to help others be successful.  All good speakers.” ~ Dr. Hjelle (April ‘11)
  • Great information on the “difference between homeopathic and pharmaceutical, as well as the business side of weight loss.” ~ P. Rybak, RN (April ‘11)
  • “Very informative.  I am eager and excited to incorporate into my practice.” ~ Dr. Randhawa (Jan ‘11)
  • IAPAM’s 2011 Medical Weight Management Training is “definitely worth it. [The IAPAM’s Medical Weight Management Training instructs on] how to safely do the diet in [one’s] office and how to make money doing it.”  Dr. Rocco (Mar ‘11)
  • “[Learned] how the diet works and an easy way to explain it to our patients [as well as] the importance of following the protocols precisely to gain the best results.  It was all very enlightening! Can’t wait to start my Clean Start Weight Loss journey!!”  B. Liberti (Jan ‘11)
  • “Excellent starting platform.  Very informative…..Much more than what I expected.”  Dr. Chung (Jan ‘11)
  • “[The IAPAM’s Medical Weight Management Training educates on] a unique [Clean Start Weight Loss] program that supports the patient and builds the business at the same time. Definitely worth it and tremendous value in [the] CD, with all the tools, forms, [and] time-saving docs [and other resources.]” (Mar ‘11)
  • “The [Medical Weight Management] program was very informative; I especially liked the business aspects and ideas presented.  The information package and resources were excellent!” Dr. Ayala, MD (Jan ‘11)
  • “[The Medical Weight Management Training was] Absolutely beneficial!  I would (and will!) recommend this conference to any colleague interested in prescribing weight loss.  The business implementation and marketing strategies were all so helpful!” ~ Dr. Cole, DO (Dec ‘10)
  • “I learned how to add a successful Clean Start Weight Loss program to my practice and start a whole new adventure.  I actually learned the tools to get started.  Wonderful, motivating, informative, specific, intellectual.  The best seminar I have attended.  Wish I had brought my office manager.” ~ Dr. Jackson, MD (Dec ‘10)

The IAPAM’s Testimonials Blog allows physicians considering adding Clean Start Weight Loss to their aesthetic practice, to read the reviews of other physicians who have taken the IAPAM’s Medical Weight Management training, and the blog is updated on a regular basis.


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