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The IAPAM’s Symposium and Clean Start Weight Loss Training were “beyond [my] expectations!”

Botox_Training-686The IAPAM’s Aesthetic Medicine Symposium

“Very personable instructors!” ~ P. Ivey, MD (Sept ’13)

“Enjoyed the program and learned a lot.  Appreciated that the program was kept on-time and well organized.” ~ R. Bruce, DO (Sept ’13)

[I] “definitely” [found the Symposium to be a good value of time and money.] ~ P. Mondorf, MD (Sept ’13)

“This was a fun, amazing weekend.  I enjoyed learning about peels, lasers, Dermapen, etc. and had not expected to!  Botox training was plenty!” ~ J. Do, MD (Sept ’13)

[My expectations were met….] Absolutely! ~ T. Batz, PA-C (Sept ’13)

“Jennifer Wild, DO was a great injection trainer,” and “Jeff [Russell], you ROCK!” ~M. Becher, DO (Sept ’13)

“Great job!” and “yes, [I found the Symposium] very useful.” ~ M. Collins, DO (Sept ’13)

“Excellent course!” ~ A. Yudin, MD (Sept ’13)

“[The Symposium] went beyond my expectations.” ~ M. Manliguis, DO (Sept ’13)

“My expectations were met,” and “I absolutely found value in the Symposium.” “There were NO negatives to this trip.” ~E. Flores, MD (Sept ’13)

“Very satisfied [with the Symposium] and I would recommend it to my friends.” ~ Anonymous (Sept ’13)

The IAPAM’s Clean Start Weight Loss Seminar

“Very informative.  Jeff [Russell] was dynamic in his presentation.  I came in doubtful and now I can’t wait to get started.  Value definitely there for the $.” ~ M. Becher, DO (Sept ’13)

“It was very informative and opened a whole new area for weight loss and aesthetic options for my office.” ~ Anonymous (Sept ’13)

“Business aspect of weight loss set up” [was of the most importance to me]. ~ A. Bacchus-Morris, MD (Sept ’13)

“Jeff’s talks were VERY informative.  I feel prepared to start adding weight management services to my practice.  Dr. Fulton and Dr. Blume were very knowledgeable.” ~ P. Aikin Jackson, MD (Sept ’13)

“[What I learned of most importance was] that I can fit these modalities into my practice easily.” ~ B. McCarthy, MD (Sept ’13)

“Excellent program.  Well worth the time. Appreciated the focus on practicality and how to actually implement a functional program of weight loss.” ~ M. Collins, DO (Sept ’13)

“[What I learned that was of most importance to me was] RMR as a tool to assist in weight loss, cryolypolysis as a new technology for body sculpting, and the significant weight loss results [one can achieve].  Yes, this program was definitely worth the money and time.” ~ A. Quezada, MD (Sept ’13)

“YES….[the IAPAM’s Clean Start Weight Loss Training is] worth it! ~ R. Bruce, DO (Sept ’13)


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