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The IAPAM’s Symposium with Botox Training: “Hands On Sessions Were the Best!”

“Hands on sessions were the best.  Helped tackle the real logistics of application.  Initially I felt [the Symposium] was expensive, but the quality of presentation was worth it.  For physicians, it is the “pearls” of the experienced presenters that was the best part.”  T. Malyk, MD (Sept ’12)

“Great speakers, good food and presenters, and Jeff is fun and engaging!” Anonymous (Sept ’12)

“The Medical Weight Management Training [was of most interest to me] because it is easy to start or add to a practice. It was excellent and very informative.”  B. Ramirez, MD (Sept ’12)

“All exceeded my expectations, from Marisa to Jeff…everything was kept on time.  Dr. Wild was one of the best instructors I have seen.” T. B. Bownik, MD (Sept ’12)

“[The topic of most interest to me] was the business of aesthetic medicine because I run my own clinic -[very satisfied with that presentation!] The [Medical Weight Management Training] was [equally] very enjoyable!  Thank you.”  T. Lawson, ND (Sept ’12)

“Botox and fillers was why I came, and Cindy Graf’s Business lecture; I really enjoyed  It was so practical!” N. Monahan, MD (Sept ’12)

I “absolutely” found the Symposium to be a good value of time and money, and my expectations were met, “absolutely!…..and the Medical Weight Management  Training was [equally] very well worth it!”  P. Spisak, ARNP (Sept ’12)

The topic of most interest to me was the “relative profitability from different treatments, and the application of lasers. Excellent course.  Appreciated the candor [of the presenters] re: pricing, etc. and the realities of practice and products recommended or not.” G. Beatty, MD (Sept ’12)

“Excellent investment.  All areas [covered] were pertinent.  [The topic of most interest to me was the] hands-on botox and fillers class.” S. Payseur, MD (Sept ’12)

“Everything [in the Medical Weight Management Training Program] was completely worth it!’ C. Romero, MD (Sept ’12)

I learned “many things” that were worth it to me….especially the “marketing tips!” M. Lary, MD (Sept ’12)

“[The Medical Weight Management Training was] extremely thorough and practical.  Very informative.  Excellent.” C. Goss, MD (Sept ’12)

The IAPAM’s Medical Weight Managment Training Seminar is “excellent.” C. Alcala, MD (Sept ’12)

The IAPAM’s Training is “absolutely worth it!” Anonymous (Sept ’12)

The topics of most importance to me were “the components of the Clean Start Weight Loss Plan and the financial potential of adding Clean Start Weight Loss to a practice. Well worth attendance for me!” M. J. Cobb, FNP (Sept ’12)

“Jeff Russell is a great presenter on the ‘business side’ [of adding Clean Start Weight Loss to a practice.]” Anonymous (Sept ’12)

The IAPAM’s Aesthetic Medicine Symposium with Botox Training in Scottsdale, AZ.

The IAPAM’s Medical Weight Management Training in Scottsdale, AZ.







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