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Using Pinterest for marketing medical spas

pinterestIn the recent years, the use of social media has taken over literally every field that we know. It has become an essential part of marketing and has been adopted by thousands of businesses all across the globe. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Pinterest have new businesses registering almost every day. The use of social media has also been adopted to market medical spas. Here, we shall take a look at how different medical spas may use Pinterest to boost their business and enhance their clientele.

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is a social media platform that allows its users to ‘pin’ images onto an electronic board. These images are then linked back to the original website. Using it is simple and requires registering a free account which only takes a few minutes to do so.

The advantage of using social media marketing through Pinterest is the fact that it is completely free. Once people take a look at what you have put on your page, they will be able to ‘repin’ it to their own page, helping spread the word about your business to their friends and followers.

How to use Pinterest

If you are running a medical spa, then chances are you have a number of different products of your own that you would wish to sell, in addition to different services that you offer your clients. Get yourself a professional photographer and take a number of different images of your spa, the different treatments and pictures of the products. Pin these on your board over a period of time, and if they are good then they will get shared by people who love spas or have similar interests. The great thing is that you can tag your images to include your website link, and this helps drive free traffic to your site. Of all the visitors that come to your site, it is likely that some of them will become clients, so it is totally worth the effort.

Advantages of Pinterest

Well, firstly it is free, so does not require you to spend anything more than just some time. And it is time well spent, especially if it works well. Another advantage of Pinterest is that fact that it is a highly ranked site already, and having a portfolio on the site means that any searches done on Google or other search engines will reveal your site well on the top.

A great way to market your medical spa through Pinterest is to post competitions on the site. Take an image and pin it on your board, along with a message that you are running a competition. Users will click on the link and will reach your site, where they will be able to enter their details for the competition. A strategy you can use here is to make sure that information such as email addresses and names are captured into a database (with the user’s permission of course). This way, if you have any services or products you wish to advertise, you can do so by sending out emails.

For more information on how to start a Pinterest board that succeeds, check out this great article on Social Media Examiner.


Pinterest is a great way to boost your business. Medical spas can see a rise in income in a short time by just ‘pinning’ some pictures!


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