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Losing weight can be hard. We have all heard the phrase – ‘a minute on the lips, a lifetime on the hips’. Obesity has now become a worldwide public health problem that brings with it a high risk of developing heart disease, joint problems, cerebrovascular disease and a variety of other illnesses. The general public have now become more aware of these risks and losing weight has pretty much become the number one priority of people when it comes to New Year resolutions.

But how is it that one can actually lose weight? Is diet and exercise sufficient? Let’s take a closer look at this.


This is the first step that anyone trying to lose weight tries. There are a variety of different diet plans that are now available commercially these days. Included are the Clean Start Weight Loss diet and the Atkins diet, just to name a couple. The goal is the same – to burn fat, maintain muscle mass and lose weight at the same time. It is important to realize that not all dieting is good, and it is always advisable to seek medical advice. Excluding certain foods that in fact provide essential nutrients can be harmful rather than beneficial. Seeing a dietitian can be helpful to get the right advice on a diet that will help you lose weight.

Simple steps include eating more fruit and vegetable, cutting down on red meat and fried foods and making sure to eat oily fish.


Exercise burns calories – there is no doubt about that. Cardiovascular exercise in particular burns calories fast, depleting glycogen stores and burning subcutaneous fat as well. There is evidence to suggest that intra-abdominal fat and truncal obesity has a direct link with the development of insulin resistance and subsequently cardiovascular disease. By consuming a diet that is low in calories and performing exercise that burns more calories than is consumed everyday is what helps one lose weight.

Exercise requires commitment and focus. It is always best to exercise with a partner who will motivate you and make you work harder. Exercises such as jogging, brisk walks, cycling, cross training and even swimming increase the heart rate and build cardiovascular fitness while burning fat.

Making it work

It is correct that diet and exercise are the way forward when it comes to weight loss. Motivating oneself to get started can be hard, and these days programs are available that seem to be reasonably successful for many individuals.  Different gyms offer personal trainers that are trained in offering sound advice to help one achieve their goals of weight loss in a safe and effective manner. Slimming clubs also have programs and these days even diet meals are delivered home to help substitute regular meals, making dieting really easy. There is no excuse!


Weight loss is good as long as it is performed in a healthy way. Diet and exercise are essential steps, and have been proven time and again to help. See a doctor or dietician today to get further advice on how you can achieve your weight loss goals.

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