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Who is doing Your Botox Training?

botox training

It is interesting how many private company Botox Training programs advertise that they have dermatologists and plastic surgeons performing their training, yet these organizations never seem to identify who these “so called” dermatologists and plastic surgeons are?

I was recently chatting with some physicians who had attended another aesthetic medicine training program, and they shared that the instructors at their seminar were not in fact dermatologists or plastic surgeons, or even physicians, but rather, the trainers were nurses, and in one case a PhD, not even a medical doctor!

So what can a physician do who is looking for a comprehensive “physician-lead” Botox training program?

First, I recommend you confirm who will be doing your Botox training, by looking at the training company’s faculty.  If the training company’s website does not list the actual faculty, skip the program! You will find that most physician associations will list their faculty, so they are always the best choices. You can even vet the faculty on the internet to find out a bit about their background and experience.  Most reputable physicians will have their own websites which will provide you with an overview of their practice, education, and testimonials from their patients, or you can review their qualifications using sites like

Also, if you have any questions about who will specifically be providing you with your Botox training (hands on and/or didactic) then send the training company an email, and ask!  Well established physician associations are happy to share with you the names and credentials of who their physician trainers are, and they will often provide you with a link to their trainer’s websites.

Training in an investment in your time and resources, and before making any investment, it is important you do a bit of homework to ensure you’re being trained by the very best.

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