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Best for: Learning and mastery of
Botox® & Fillers

(Reg. $2,790. Save $1,515!)

Includes: Introduction to Cosmetic Injectables, Advanced Cosmetic Injectables and Advanced Cosmetic Injector Certification. 

Best for: Opening a profitable aesthetics practice or medspa

(Reg. $2,995. Save $1,500!)

Includes: Introduction to Cosmetic Injectables, Aesthetics (lasers, microdermabrasion, chemical peels), Medical Weight Management and Business of Medicine

Best for: Starting a medical weight management service that works!

(Reg. $2,495. Save $1,500!)

Includes: Ketogenic/Intermittent Fasting, Drug Therapy, Pharmacotherapy, IV Nutrition Therapy, Business of Weight Loss & more!

Your Path to a Successful Practice

1. Pick Your Training

Your first step is to add aesthetic procedures to your repertoire of skills. Only the IAPAM offers the exclusive Successful Aesthetic Practice System™.

2. Start When You're Ready

We created the IAPAM Online Learning Lab so you can get started right away! Earn certifications from your home or office, then add hands-on training down the road.

3. Get More Freedom

Do you want a practice that runs without you? Learn how to create an “autonomous practice” by also training in our Secrets to a Successful Practice workshop .

Gain Access to Detailed Training Videos

Our online training includes a variety of detailed training videos, reading and reference material, presentations and downloadable content to guide you through the different training modules. You can proceed through each course at your pace and begin implementing your new skills whenever you’re ready. You’ll be well on your way to enjoying a more profitable practice while gaining more free time!

Get The Skills You Need To Start Making More Money Today

At the IAPAM, we know you want to be compensated appropriately while helping your patients.

By adding aesthetics, you can now have extenders performing procedures regardless if you are in the practice or not.

This is what we call the “autonomous practice™“, a practice that can run without you. When you join the IAPAM, you are taking the first step to achieving financial freedom with an Autonomous Practice™ that will be able to run without you.

Aesthetics, Botox® Training and/or Medical Weight Loss give you the needed steps to grow your practice beyond you, while making more money and having more free time. 

You will never have a profitable practice if you only offer Botox® (the least profitable procedure), you need to also incorporate the most requested minimally-invasive procedures to best serve your patients (and make the highest profit). 

The IAPAM’s proprietory Successful Aesthetic Practice System™ is designed to get you the live you deserve – getting paid well and having time to spend as you wish. 

Join us and begin your journey to a better quality of life for you and your family. To make it easy for you, we already have the blueprint that over 10,000 healthcare providers have followed since 2006.

The Successful Aesthetic Practice System™ was designed for you to get started today, here’s how it works:

Step 1: Register for training.

Step 2: With online training of the program, you can start when you’re ready.

Step 3: Get more freedom of time and money.

Sign up today and start living the life you're dreaming about!

What Are People Saying?

"What I liked most is the way you give the theory and then how it is put into practice. I have a better and deeper knowledge for practice. I greatly appreciate the training!"

A. Sanchez, MD

"It was a very user-friendly program. I had to start and stop many times over several days. It always took me back to where I'd left off."

G. J. Mesa, DNP, FNP-BC

"The anatomy videos were some of the best I've seen in the classes I've taken."

R.A. Morse, DMD


Who can sign up for online training?

Online training is open to licensed medical professionals with the following designations: MD/DO, DMD/DDS, NP, PA, RN or LPN.

Exception: The Business of Medicine is open to everyone.

What kind of training materials do you provide?

Courses include a combination of text lectures, detailed videos and comprehensive downloadable content.

Is there a deadline for completing online courses?

No. You can complete any online training courses you are registered for at your own pace. They are designed as self-study courses so they can be flexible to your schedule.

Can I earn CMEs?

Yes, select courses are eligible for CMEs. These include: Introduction to Cosmetic Injectables, Advanced Cosmetic Injectables and Medical Weight Management.

How long do the courses take?

Training times vary depending on the person, but on average, each course can take you anywhere from 7-10 hours to complete. 

Do I get a certificate?

Yes, upon the successful completion of each course you will be emailed your certificate.

Do I need to do any hands-on training with Botox® before i can practice or is online training enough?

Our training and courses do not give you the legal right to perform medical procedures. Check with your local governing board to ensure you are working within your scope of work prior to signing up for training.

Once you have confirmed the regulations in your state, online training is enough for you to get started. If you are not confident in your injection skills, you should upgrade to live hands-on training at the Aesthetic Medicine Symposium

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