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Starting an Aesthetic Medical Practice: Part 1

Medical Spa

Consulting and Location

Opening up an Aesthetic Medical Practice or medical spa is akin to starting your own business. You need to have a solid plan which will help determine your success. Within this plan, finances need to be in place, a business plan operational, and there should be a solid knowledge and foundation of the industry. It goes without saying that ensuring you have completed a Botox® certification program is also key to a successful aesthetic practice.

Before you take the plunge and start up on your own, there are some key factors that you need to know for the beginning phases of the operation. In Part One of this 4 part series, we will examine how hiring a consultant and choosing a location can pave the way for success for your practice.


To some, this may seem like an unnecessary and costly expense, but it will be well worth it in the long run. The right consultant can bring experience, knowledge and advice to your operation that you might not have on your own. As mentioned before, opening a medical practice is like opening a small business, and you need to have the proper tools in place to ensure that you succeed.

A consultant can help you align these factors. They can help you identify your goals and develop a solid business plan to ensure you success. They will also help you align your priorities in terms of:

  • Finances, including start-up costs and budgeting
  • Regulatory issues for provide aesthetic procedures
  • Operating and medical malpractice insurance
  • Research, including choosing location
  • Logistics of day to day operations, such as hiring staff, training, and developing policies and procedures
  • Marketing strategies
  • Daily/Weekly/Monthly business plan and checklist until opening day
  • Growth strategies
  • Human Resource best practices

Once you have hired and met with a consultant, you should have a solid idea around what you would like to see in your practice, and have confidence going forward.

Alternately, you can choose go the DIY (Do It Yourself) route alone, or combine both DIY with medical spa consulting. Here you will attend a comprehensive physician educational program where you will learn not only the clinical skills needed to inject cosmetic injectables, but you will also learn all of the above.


A consultant can assist you with this by providing research. It’s vital to understand the importance and value of selecting a location for your practice that is right for you and your clients. Try to do your research by investigating the area you’re looking to locate in, and ask questions such as:

  • Does the location have high visibility to cars and foot traffic? Is it located on or near a high traffic location where people will notice your practice? You don’t want to be located on a side street where no one ever will see you.
  • Is the location near to public transportation? Accessibility is key so your potential patrons can reach you
  • Is the exterior of the building that you have chosen clean and well lit? Is it well maintained and does it have visible impact
  • Are you in a safe area of town where people frequently visit? If the area is clean and looks presentable, then those factors can influence your potential patients’ opinions of your practice
  • Are there other medical practices in close proximity to your new location? This may seem competitive at first, but it can actually be helpful as it will bring patrons through your door.
  • Is there public parking available for your patients? If there is no parking lot or if the street upon which your practice is located has no spots, it will make it difficult for patrons.

These introductory dynamics of opening your own medical practice should out you on the right path to success. Up next: Part 2 – Interior Set-up and Design of your Aesthetic Medical Practice, and how it can contribute to your business.


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