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Scottsdale Botox Cosmetic Training

botox training courseWe often get asked if we offer our Botox Training in any other cities, other than Scottsdale, Arizona.  We choose to partner with the best Botox and Medi-Spa facilities in Scottsdale for one very simple reason: The Aesthetic Medicine Symposium is not like any other medical conference you have ever attended!

The conference is designed as an accelerated cosmetic medicine course. It’s meant to give you a head start, and immediately give you the tools you need to successfully add Aesthetics or weight loss into a new or existing practice.

The way the IAPAM accomplishes this is by:

  1. Having leading board certified dermatologists lecture you on the skin and injectables.
  2. Having all Botox Training done in an actual medical spa-like dermatologist’s office.

Board Certified Dermatologists

You will receive training about the skin from board certified dermatologists; not from a nurse, a family physician, or other non-core physician.

Many of our faculty are involved with cosmetic injectable clinical trials, and they will share with you the latest information on what works and what doesn’t in the aesthetic industry.

botox injection courses for physiciansWe feel it is critical that you learn from true experts in the field, and we’ve established a successful partnership with one of the top medi-spas in the greater Phoenix area to ensure you receive exactly that! We want you to learn from successful practitioners, not ones who just “get by.” This partnership allows us to offer training 7 times each year, and maintain an expert faculty.

And that is why the training is always in Scottsdale.

The FDA and Botox Injections

The FDA states that Botox injection training should “not be done in a hotel room,” and we agree! That is why we take you to a multi-million dollar cosmetic practice. Not only will all the hands on injections take place in a sterile, medically sound environment, but you will also get an opportunity to see how a successful aesthetic practice is setup. You are welcome to take as many photos as you would like – another industry first!

You can see how treatment rooms are set up for cosmetic patients, how skin care products are merchandised, and get some great design ideas. There is also a High Definition Training Room, where you will be able to clearly see how to do the procedures.

Botox Training in Phonix with the IAPAM will not only give you expert training, but also a “behind the scenes” exclusive look at an established practice!

A Sound Investment

In our opinion, these benefits are worth your investment in your time to attend the Aesthetic Medicine Symposium, and to receive your Botox training in Phoenix/Scottsdale.

We appreciate, for many of you, Scottsdale is a long way away, but if you only attend one conference on aesthetics this year, let it be this one! This is the only conference that will answer all of your questions, and get you ready to start your aesthetic practice.

As an added bonus, Scottsdale has an average temperature of over 72 degrees, and is the sunniest city in the US!

For More Detailed Information

For more detailed information on IPL, laser and light therapy best practices, along with more information on providing the other core minimally-invasive treatments to your patients, please contact the IAPAM at 1-800-219-5108 x704.

For more information on the IAPAM Aesthetic Medicine Symposium, please call 1-800-219-5108 x704 or e-mail us at: info @

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