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IAPAM_Weight_Loss_TrainingWith over 68% of the population overweight or obese, the demand for safe and lasting weight loss has never been greater. At any given time, there are over 72 million Americans dieting, spending over $58 Billion on weight loss products.

Why Choose the IAPAM?

1) Since January 2013, physicians who have offered the IAPAM’s Clean Start Weight Loss program generated $7,270,917 in non-insurance revenues for their practices.
2) The IAPAM has created the most effective, long-term, rapid weight loss training program available only to physicians. Over 55,000 patients have safely lost up to 30lbs in only 40 days.  Adding a medically supervised weight loss program not only helps your patients, but it will also help you operate a financially profitable practice.

Clinics that incorporate the IAPAM’s Medical Weight Loss program into their practices can expect to see revenues of between $100,000-$900,000/year, by only seeing 10-80 patients a month.  To help healthcare providers help their overweight and obese patients, the IAPAM has added a special session using hormones for Medical Weight Management on the Friday prior to its respected Aesthetic Medicine Symposium. This is the same program many of your patients have seen on Dr. Oz and it does put your patients into ketosis, where the body uses fat as energy versus glucose. This is an accelerated ketogenic diet, where patients often lose much more weight than on a ketogenic diet alone.

What makes the IAPAM’s Weight Loss Protocol the best in the industry is that it’s taught by a faculty who operate weight loss clinics, allowing you to learn from their experience!

Learn how to open a stand alone weight loss clinic, or  incorporate weight loss into your existing medical practice. The IAPAM’s Clean Start hCG Weight Loss Package is easy to add to any existing medical practice or medical spa, allowing you to quickly help your patients lose weight.


Program Highlights

By the end of this program you will learn the steps on how to incorporate medical weight loss using hormones into an existing medical practice or start a weight loss clinic. All of the following will be covered:

  • Receive the internationally recognized IAPAM Certification in Medically Supervised Weight Loss available for physicians.
  • IAPAM Weight Loss Protocols & best practices, including:
    • Attendees receive access to Medical Malpractice insurance from our exclusive provider
    • Utilizing hormones for weight loss (as seen on Dr. Oz)
    • Detailed Program Protocols
    • Patient selection criteria
    • Common medical contraindications
    • Consent forms, medical history forms
    • Legal/Insurance considerations, current FDA status
    • Medication ordering information and special pricing
  • VLCD/LCD diet programs.
  • Ketogenic based diet programs.
  • Utilizing Vitamin B6 and B12 injections for weight loss.
  • Using prescription appetite suppressants in weight loss.
  • Metabolic testing as a profit center.
  • Adding body contouring as a profit center.


The IAPAM’s Medical Weight Management Program includes:

  • Physician Weight Management Practice Operational Manual
  • Patient Charting Forms, Medical History & Consent Forms
  • Listing on IAPAM Weight Loss Clinic website (conditions apply)
  • Special access to a Weight Loss Medical Malpractice Insurance Program

Part of the Weight Loss session will include a comprehensive discussion with our experienced faculty and a pharmacist, giving you get latest information on offering the IAPAM Weight Loss Protocol to your patients either through injection, sub-lingual, or nasal spray. We will cover using pregnancy hormones for weight loss. Click HERE for information on our Physician Weight Loss Training program.

At the end of the program you will have a weight loss program that you can immediately start offering your patients.

Who Can Attend:

Physicians (MDs/DOs), PAs, NPs, NDs and their staff who are looking to add medical weight management to their existing medical practice, medical spa, or start a weight loss center.  Please note, you must be able to prescribe medications in order to provide most of the medically supervised weight loss protocols covered at the program.

Weight Loss CMEs:

IAPAM membership entitles you to access to a library of weight management and obesity related AMA CAT1 CME/CEUs.

What Past Attendees have said:

“Absolutely beneficial! I would (and will!) recommend this conference to any colleague interested in prescribing …. The business implementation and marketing strategies were all so helpful!” ~ Dr. K. Cole, MD

“I learned how to add a successful [weight loss] program to my practice and start a whole new adventure. I actually learned the tools to get started. Wonderful, motivating, informative, specific, intellectual. The best seminar I have attended. Wish I had brought my office manager.” ~ Dr. J. Jackson, MD

“I’m most appreciative of the CDs with all the forms, ads, and other info – all ready to be adapted and used immediately! An exceptional value for the money!” ~ Dr. Zgourides, MD

“It [The IAPAM’s Clean Start hCG Weight Loss Training] was worth it!” ~ Dr. M. Nogoy, MD

The “marketing of hCG” was of the most important to me. ~ Dr. Y. Nagdee, MD

“Love the [Clean Start hCG Weight Loss] kit with all the information.  [It will] decrease physician time with patients.” ~ Dr. M. Cupid, MD

[I learned] “how to manage the maintenance phase [of the hcg program], and it’s importance, and how to be successful financially! Yes, worth it!” Dr. C. Hatfield, MD

“Thanks for a great course.  [I learned so much about] medical weight management and laser assisted lipo!” ~Dr.  P. Divekar, MD


  • Member Price – $995 ($1,495 non-members)
    * IAPAM membership $295, you can join during registration
  • Additional attendees – $595


Note: If only wish to register for the Friday Medical Weight Management Day you can also Download a registration form and fax it back to 1-866-284-9318

For more information call 1-800-219-5108 x708 or e-mail us at symposium@theiapam.com

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