Start and Grow a Profitable Botox®, Aesthetic Medicine or Medical Weight Management Practice

Aesthetic Medicine Symposium


Training Overview

Medical Weight Management

Get Certified in Medical Weight Management with the IAPAM’s Clean Start Weight Loss® program – proven to help your patients lose weight and earn more revenue for your practice.

Botox® & Aesthetics

Learn the Top 5 Most Profitable Aesthetic Procedures – Botox®, Fillers, Chemical Peels, Microdermabrasion and Lasers. It’s like 5 courses in one!

Secrets to a Successful Practice

Everything you need to know to start a profitable practice and avoid costly beginner mistakes! This is the business course they never taught you in medical school!

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  • Popular
    4-Day Practice Accelerator Program
  • 3-Day Aesthetics + Business
  • 3-Day Aesthetics + Medical Weight Management
  • 2-Day Aesthetic Medicine Program
  • 1-Day Medical Weight Loss Program
4-Day Practice Accelerator Program
3-Day Aesthetics + Business3-Day Aesthetics + Medical Weight Management2-Day Aesthetic Medicine Program1-Day Medical Weight Loss Program
(Reg. $7,500)
(Reg. $5,895)
(Reg. $6,095)
(Reg. $4,395)
(Reg. $2,495)
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Prices quoted are for members. Membership is $295/yr and can be added during registration.
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Hands-on Botox® Workshop
Cosmetic injectables
Hands-on laser workshop
Facial Rejuvenation (Chemical peels, microdermabrasion)
Semaglutide/GLP-1 Inhibitor for Weight Loss
Clean Start Weight Loss®, Ketogenic / Intermittent Fasting, Drug Therapy
Hands-on Body Sculpting workshop
Aesthetic Practice Startup Program (Business)
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**Add the “Blended Learning Upgrade” to any hands-on training package for $495. Blended learning gets you instant access to comprehensive online didactic you can complete before attending to get the most out of your in-person training experience!