Aesthetics, Botox® and Medical Weight Management Training for Licensed Medical Professionals

“My expectations were exceeded….this was the best money I have spent!”

IAPAM_Botox_Training“This is the best program! I have attended 2 other programs before. It was definitely worth it.  Excellent, practical points on “how to.” Very comprehensive [and] focused on the details.” ~ L. Kucerova, MD (June ’12)

“[During the Aesthetic Medicine Symposium, I was very interested in] chemical peels and the profit margins [available].  Jennifer [Wild, DO] was wonderful.  Specifying how many units of botox to use, etc. and where to inject was very helpful!” [Before taking the IAPAM’s Medical Weight Management Training] I knew nothing, and now I know everything I need to start [the] successful use of Clean Start Weight Loss in the office.” ~ N. Kaushal, MD (June ’12)

“All speakers were very good, [with a high] knowledge level [and] experienced. [The training and presenters were very] helpful. Great job.” ~ P. Connors, MD (June ’12)

“[Clean Start Weight Loss will be] a great addition to my practice.  Excellent!” ~ R. Vindhya, MD (June ’12)

“The [Aesthetic Medicine Symposium was] beyond my most optimistic expectation.  [It was a] big bang for my money. FANTASTIC!” ~ A. Adebayo, MD (June ’12)

“It was all great.  Great topic coverage relevant to practicing aesthetic medicine.” ~ A. Tate, MD (June ’12)

“The course made me interested in everything.” ~ K. Pardave, NP (June ’12)

“Great course…..[especially the] hands on botox (TM) injecting.” ~ F. Pepple, MD (June ’12)

“Fabulous!” ~ P. Connors, MD (June ’12)

“All aspects of a start up aesthetics practice were covered very [well and] in depth.” ~ M.J. Englee, MD (June ’12)

“Excellent Symposium.” ~ L. Mata, MD (June ’12)

“Excellent presenters!  Wonderful location.  [My expectations were] absolutely [met]. Over and above!” ~ L. Waterson, MD (June ’12)

“All the [topics] were very informative and new to me.  My expectations were exceeded!!  This was the best money I have spent. Fantastic!”~ L. De Blanche, MD (June ’12)

The IAPAM’s Aesthetic Medicine Symposium in Scottsdale, AZ.

The IAPAM’s Medical Weight Management Training in Scottsdale, AZ.





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