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Botox Training® Homestead (with CME Certification) Starts Here

For Physicians, Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants

Your Botox Training® Starts Here
(with CME Certification)

For Physicians, Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants

Get Botox Training in Homestead

Botox® injections are the #1 most requested minimally-invasive procedure and one of the reasons physicians in Homestead are searching for a Botox® Injection Course. If you’re ready to grow your practice and profits, join the over 10,000 other licensed medical providers who have attended our Botox® training in our Scottsdale Arizona training facility. You’ll get:

The Successful Aesthetic Practice System™

Learn from Successful Practices and Increase your Non-insurance Based Revenues

Make sure you are prepared to not only perform in-demand procedures like Botox injections in Homestead, but that you’ll be able to do so in a way that adds meaningful revenue to your practice – while avoiding costly mistakes others makes.

So how do I become a Botox injector in Homestead? Your training experience has been carefully designed to offer your practice a better, faster and more certain outcome. We are proud that IAPAM program graduates experience:

  • increased practice revenue
  • improved patient care
  • increased patient loyalty
  • a highly engaged & motivated office team

In the video below, Jeff Russell (IAPAM’s Executive Director), outlines how you can triple your revenue per patient with a simple but effective strategy.

Click on the video icon below to watch the video. 

Jeff Russell, Exectuive Director, IAPAM

What You Need to Know From Program Graduates:

This course has been beyond my best expectations! The hands-on training has been outstanding.

Dr. Hardy, MD

The symposium was unbelievable. I feel that I am ready to open the Aesthetic part of my practice in a month or so.

Dr. Simon, MD

This conference was very informative and interesting. I enjoyed all the speakers... and will come back to another one with my staff!

Dr. J. Pino, MD

Earn Up To 33.5 CMEs

CME’s are important to you too, that is why in addition to receiving international recognition for your IAPAM hands-on training, you will earn 18 AMA CME’s by participating in our 2-day Aesthetic Medicine Symposium.

You can also earn an additional 9 CME’s by participating in our physician medical weight management program that takes place on the Friday prior to the weekend Symposium.

And also earn 6.5 CME’s by participating in our Secrets to a Successful Practice Workshop on Monday.

By attending all 4-days, you can earn 33.5 CMEs.

Please note, all nursing boards accept our attendance CMEs as equivalent to their Continuing Education Credits.

The Industry Standard for Certified Botox® Training

When your stakes are high, experience matters more.

Our Program is field-tested so that you can think big, act bold and add more profitability to your practice. So you can start living the life you’re dreaming about.

Get your Best Practices Guide now.

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Ready for a deep dive into the full course details? Click here to visit the Aesthetic Medicine Symposium page with dates, registration and availability

Botox® Best Practices Guide

Need a little more detail before you get in touch? Download our Botox® Best Practices Guide. Request your copy here.

Resources for Botox® Training

Physicians, Nurse Practitioners, Physician Assistants,
Dentists, Medspa Owners

Provided below are some basic resources for those of you who may be considering adding Allergan Botox® Injections for your practice. These resources range from criteria for a Botox® training course to tips on preparing your practice for success.

  • Botox® Injections – How to become Botox® Certified in Homestead?
  • Why We Include the “Top 5” Cosmetic Procedures
  • Allergan Botox® Certification Course Fundamentals
  • Botox® Training Course & Botox® Certification Outline

How to Get Certified in Botox® Injections for Homestead

Once you’ve determined if you are eligible for Botox training, certification is relatively straight forward.

Step 1: Meet State Licensing Requirements for Botox training in Homestead Florida. In most states you need to at least be a nurse to inject Botox. Although some states allow LPNs to inject and a couple of states have begun allowing pharmacists to get certified.

Step 2: Sign up for a recognized Botox® Certification course for Homestead medical professionals. There are many options out there. Make your sure choosing one led by board-certified dermatologists and from an organization with experience.

Step 3: Complete your training and receive your certification! If you’ve picked the right course, you’ll be certified not just in Botox, but fillers too!

You must be a licensed healthcare provider in order to prescribe Botox®.

You will need to provide proof of your designation and valid medical license upon enrollment to a Botox® injection class for Homestead medical professionals.

Without this, you cannot get certified or perform injections.

We accept MD’s, DO’s, DMD’s, NMD’s, ND’s, PAs (physician assistants), NP’s (nurse practitioners), and DDS’s into our cosmetic injectable training (Botox classes).

However licensed medical practitioners (healthcare professionals) should always check with their state boards to see if there are any restrictions in their scope of practice.

Please note those who cannot prescribe (i.e. RN’s and LPN’s) can only attend with licensed prescriber or an IAPAM member.

The IAPAM also allows non-medical individuals to attend at a reduced rate.

However they are not eligible to perform any procedures and can only attend with someone who has prescribing authority.

Learn to Start a Profitable Aesthetics Practice in Just 4-Days!

September 6-9
October 18-21
December 6-9

in sunny Scottsdale, AZ

Learn the clinical and business skills you need to transform your work/life balance with a profitable aesthetics practice in just

Dates: September 6-9, October 18-21 and December 6-9

Scottsdale, AZ

Only $4,195*

Earn 33.5 CMEs

*Members preferred price for 4-day accelerated program. Membership is only $295/yr and can be added during registration.

Many programs have undisclosed “instructors,” you should only choose a program that is led by true experts of the skin, board-certified cosmetic dermatologists

Check out their Faculty page, ensure you are learning from experts who have performed 1000’s of injections.

Where you perform your injections is very important, your Injection training should be performed in a medical practice, or ideally a dermatology practice (like our Botox® Training Arizona facility).

Per the FDA, any Botox® injection training should be done in clean medical facility, not a hotel room. 

Botox® injections are considered “clean” procedures, and should be done in a proper environment. 

The technique is different when done in a hotel room chair vs a medical treatment table/chair. 

Your time is limited, learn the right techniques.

Every medical procedure has protocols, including cosmetic injections.

The IAPAM has a proprietary 3-Step Botox® Training Protocol™ that details the best practices of performing cosmetic injectables.

You can learn the theory of how to inject via online courses. This is recommended before you attend in-person training.

In-person training will only make you an even better injector!

You can seek out assistance with your learning from a colleague, mentor or supervisor to further your training.

If seeking out hands-on Botox training courses for Tucson medical professionals, make sure your course allows you to perform injections on live patients.

It’s best if you are able to see and perform injectable consultations on at least 5 patients so you can learn how the anatomy varies from patient to patient.

Botox Certification Courses where you can only inject the one patient you bring as model are not very effective since no two people have the exact same musculature.

Any Botox® certification program should be ACCME CME approved. 

After you have completed your Botox® CME education you will receive a certification from the training provider and in most cases CME/CE credits. 

Congratulations! You are now ready to start offering Botox® treatments to your patients! 

Start GROWING your practice!

Why You Get The “Top 5” Cosmetic Procedures Included in Your Training

Botox® is the most popular minimally-invasive aesthetic medicine procedure, but it is not the most profitable. 

If you are going to add Botox® to your practice, it is important to add complementary procedures for a profitable practice.

Your training includes the IAPAM’s exclusive Successful Aesthetic Practice System™ teaching you not only Botox® but also the Top 5 Non-Invasive Procedures.

It’s like you get 5 courses in one! 

Not only will you learn how to inject Botox®, but you’ll also get trained in Dermal Filler Training, Laser Hair Removal Training, Chemical Peel Training, and Microdermabrasion Training. 

As a bonus, you will receive: Laser Tattoo Removal Training and Body Shaping/Tightening to your program.

No other program will prepare you to open a successful, and more importantly, profitable aesthetic practice or medical spa.

Allergan Botox® Certification Course Fundamentals for Homestead Medical Professionals

There are different neurotoxin options that are available on the market, and Allergan Botox® is probably the most popular one that is used. 

Other FDA approved options include Merz’s Xeomin® and Galderma’s Dysport®.

Patients will have their preferences on which botulinum toxin they prefer, so it is important you fully understand the differences between all of the available toxins, including dilution, spread, and how long they last. 

A key part of any comprehensive CME Botox® training program will include all of these key facts.

Patients are coming to you to look better, so it’s critical that you fully understand all the parts of a Botox® treatment. 

Here we shall take a look at what these training requirements are.

Botox® is used for facial cosmetic purposes. 

It is injected using small needles into the muscles of the face and in the skin, allowing for muscle relaxation and reduction in the number of wrinkles in the skin.

In order to perform these injections, it is essential to understand the complex anatomy of the face including the muscles, nerves and blood vessels that are present under the skin. 

This will allow for accurate treatments to be offered and excellent results to be produced. Allergan Botox® is also used for a variety of other clinical conditions such as:

  • blepharospasm
  • strabismus
  • TMJ
  • hyperhidrosis
  • migraines
  • and spastic muscles of the hand
Facial Muscles

Botox® training courses should be clear regarding what aspect of Botox® use they are discussing so that relevant anatomy can be taught. 

Newer indications such as migraines should also be discussed. 

In fact, in our blog on “10 Botox Techniques and Tips for Awesome Results,” the number one tip is to completely understand facial anatomy.


As is the case with any treatment, the Botox® provider needs to have a sound knowledge of the benefits and risks of these injections. 

But the training does not end with the knowledge of these – it is also essential to learn how to manage any complications should they arise.

An important factor when choosing an Allergan Botox training course, is to ensure that you have Board Certified Dermatologists performing the didactic and training. 

Many programs have dermatologists and plastic surgeons on their advisory boards, but they rarely, if ever, attend the training.

Pain management is also an important factor when performing botulinum toxin injections, since patient discomfort is the number one reason patients don’t return.

Every procedure that is performed by healthcare professionals is regulated by guidelines and standards.

Botox® is a prescription drug and is only available through a licensed healthcare provider.

SO, WHO CAN INJECT Botox in Homestead? As a guideline:

  • Physicians (MD/DO) can always inject without any additional certification
  • Physicians Assistants (PAs) can usually inject under the supervision of a physician (some States have Preparing Botox in a doctor’s office restrictions, please check your local State board)
  • Nurse Practitioners (NPs) can usually inject if they have prescribing authority in their State
  • Nurses all require the supervision of a healthcare provider, however, not all nurses can inject.
  • Most States allow Registered Nurses (RNs) to inject Botox® under the supervision of a physician, and many allow Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs) to inject the toxin
  • Dentists (DDS, DMD) are generally permitted to inject Botox®, but some States limit the scope of practice to around the mouth.

Just keep in mind that Botox®, Xeomin® and Dysport® are all prescription drugs and if you can inject a prescription drug, you can most likely inject Botox®. 

However, its always best to double-check with your State licensing board.

Homestead Botox® Training Course & Botox Certification Outline

After you go through the botulinum toxin training didactic from our board-certified dermatologist, you move on to small group hands-on workshops. 

This gives you the opportunity to perform injections on live patients (for such things as frown lines, crow’s feet, drooping eyelid etc.). 

All botulinum toxin product, supplies (ie needles, gloves, charts) and patients will be provided during the Botox® class.

Any reputable Botox® Training Program should be led by experts of the skin – Dermatologists.

Jeff Russell, Executive Director, IAPAM

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Get Full Course Details

Ready for a deep dive into the full course details? Click here to visit the Aesthetic Medicine Symposium page with dates, registration and availability

Botox® Best Practices Guide

Need a little more detail before you get in touch? Download our Botox® Best Practices Guide. Request your copy here.

FAQs - Homestead Botox Injection Course

How much does a Botox® training course cost?

Botox® training courses can range in price depending on if you are doing an online course or in-person training, if it’s an introductory or advanced course, how large the class size is and how long the course is.

The IAPAM’s Botox® certification can range anywhere from $595 for our Level 1 online self-study Botox® certification to $4,195 for our in-person 4-day comprehensive aesthetic medicine training including hands-on Botox® injection training

Can a CRNA get Botox® certified training?

Yes, CRNAs (certified registered nurse anaesthetics) are eligible to get certified in Botox® training. 

What is the best Botox® certification for nurse practitioners in Homestead

Not all Botox® training courses are created equally. If you are a nurse practitioner thinking about getting Botox® certified, there are several factors you should consider when evaluating which training option is right for you, including:
  • Is the course taught by board-certified dermatologists? You want to make sure you are learning from true experts of the skin!
  • Is the hands-on Botox® injection training done in a clean dermatology clinic as the FDA recommends and not in a hotel room?
  • Do you get to practice on live models? And are they provided or are you required to provide your own?
  • Do you want to start a profitable aesthetics practice or expand your current practice with aesthetics? If so, you should make sure the course teaches you more than just Botox®. At the Aesthetic Medicine Symposium, we include the top 5 most profitable non-invasive aesthetic procedures (Botox®, fillers, chemical peels, microdermabrasion, lasers) because Botox® on its own is not a very profitable procedure. You need a combination to maximize the results for your patients and the profits for your practice!

Can nurses get Botox® certified

Not all Botox® training programs will allow nurses to register without their supervisors. This is because you need a prescriber’s license to get trained and order Botox®, so as a registered nurse, you need to be working with a provider in most cases to do any Botox injections. Rules may change from state to state, so it’s always best to check with your local governing board to ensure you are working within your scope of practice before you register for any training.

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