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10 Reasons Why Botox Training Will Benefit Your Practice

Botox trainingBotox® is the most popular cosmetic treatment all around the world. The industry has experienced tremendous market growth and is expected to continue to grow for the next few decades. The global market for Botox® is expected to reach $4.7 billion by next year out of which $2 billion is contributed by the United States alone. Over the last year the average price for a Botox® treatment is around $400 – $450 per patient.

What is Botox® Training?

Botox® is now an essential part of aesthetic medicine. Any practice that offers aesthetic procedures can make significant profits by adding Botox® treatments to their list of services. The Botox® administrator however, should be a person certified to carry out the procedure. Medical professionals can receive a Botox® certification by attending a mandatory Botox® training. This training not only provides hands-on experience for injecting Botox® but also provides certification to administer the injections.

To be eligible for the certification the attendees need to fulfill certain requirements. The person must have a valid medical license that allows them to practice in their state or province. Nurse practitioners and registered nurses can administer Botox® injections, often under the direction of a licensed MD or DO. Proof of designation is required at the time of registration and those who are not licensed medical professionals cannot receive a Botox® certification. Some other medical professionals, such as physician assistants, dentists, etc. may also be eligible, however the requirements vary from state to state and it is best to contact the relevant medical or dental board to find out the requirements in your state and within your scope of practice. Click here for more information on who is eligible to attend a Botox training course and get certified.

Botox® training serves as an educational and hands-on learning experience that allows attendees to learn about Botox® treatments, facial muscles and their behaviors and how to administer it to patients.


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Why You Should Choose Botox® Training

If you are already running a medical practice or medispa then you should consider adding Botox® injections to the list of services. The cost to add Botox® to your practice is nominal but the returns are high in conjunction with other aesthetic procedures. Here are the top 10 reasons for why Botox® training will benefit your practice:

10.  Botox® is in High Demand for a Variety of Treatments

Botox® is an FDA approved aesthetic procedure that treats fine lines and wrinkles. Botox® is also approved for other treatments such as migraines and excessive sweating. There are many different patients who require the use of Botox® for both aesthetic and medical reasons and this has led the industry to grow to billions of dollars. In recent times, millennials are also turning to Botox® for preventative measures and this also contributes to the increased demand for these procedures. Patients in their 30s are the new rising demographic amongst Botox® patients.

As more and more people opt for aesthetic treatments such as Botox® there is an increased demand for Botox® patients. This presents a financial opportunity to all those wanting to inject Botox® at their practice. This increase in demand also requires professionals with the proper training to administer Botox® injections.

9. Typical Earnings from Botox® Procedures

A single Botox® treatment session is generally priced in the range of $300-600. Each Botulinum toxin unit is priced at $10-15 and one session requires a minimum of 30 to 50 units. Subtracting the costs, you incur you can make a minimum profit of $100 per treatment. Since you already have other patients coming to your practice, you already have a database to market Botox® treatments to. They are more likely to get their Botox® treatments done from a place they already are familiar with and trust.

8. More Patients Scheduled per Day

The time taken for the actual procedure is hardly 10 minutes and with prep time and consultation it can extend to half an hour. This is fairly quick in comparison to other aesthetic treatments such as microdermabrasion, laser treatments or body contouring.

7. Many Benefits of a Botox® Treatment

You will be able to provide your patients with many aesthetic benefits of Botox® treatments. As mentioned above, Botox® is not only for reducing and preventing wrinkles. There are other aesthetic benefits such as relaxing muscles to achieve an eyebrow lift or jaw definition. The aesthetic trends related to Botox® are always changing and new trends are always emerging, allowing you to provide a diverse spectrum of treatments to your patients.

6. FDA Approved Treatment

Botox® is approved by the FDA and is a safe to administer to patients. The FDA has approved the injection of Botox® for wrinkles around the eyes, glabellar lines and mild to severe forehead wrinkles. Botox® is being used for many aesthetic and medical treatments and is completely safe if used according to FDA guidelines. Botox® training also serves as a guide to the many uses of Botox® that have been approved by the FDA.

5. No Downtime for Patients

There is no downtime after receiving a treatment. In most cases, the Botox® patient can resume their regular activities after the treatment. Botox® does not affect any of your daily activities and the difference in the appearance of wrinkles is noticeable within one week of the injection. The appearance of fine lines and wrinkles continues to improve for several weeks from the starting of the Botox® treatment.

4. On-going Treatments per Patient

Botox® is not a permanent treatment and the results only last for 3 to 6 months. This is good news for Botox® administrators because it means they can turn all customers into returning ones. It provides a steady stream of revenue to the practice. Returning customers provide the opportunity to develop friendly doctor-patient relationships and improves the chances of the patient referring your practice and services to their friends and family.

3. Botox® Certification Provides a Competitive Edge to your Practice

Botox® treatments can only be conducted by someone who is a licensed medical professional and is Botox® certified. Botox® training can help your practice stand out by giving you the opportunity to add this service to your practice and take advantage of this growing demand, which is beneficial for both your patients and your practice!

2. Opens Doors to New Opportunities

Those clients who opt for a Botox® treatment will most likely be interested in other aesthetic treatments such as dermal fillers, laser treatments, body contouring, etc. In addition to Botox®, you can add other aesthetic complimentary treatments to your practice that will help bring even more revenue to your aesthetic practice!

1. Short Training Period

It only takes a couple of days to become Botox® certified! Most Botox® training courses take only a couple days out of your busy schedule. These courses provide you with live hands-on experience and learning in different techniques used for several types of fine lines and wrinkles. The potential profits of Botox® with other aesthetic procedures are enormous compared to the time and cost it takes to complete the course.

Botox Training

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