Aesthetic/ Cosmetic Laser Training

Aesthetic Cosmetic Laser training is a component of the Aesthetic Medicine Symposium.  The IAPAM is the leading provider of cosmetic laser training for physicians.  An important part of operating a successful aesthetic practice or medical spa is providing cosmetic laser / IPL procedures like: hair removal, skin rejuvenation, fractional skin resurfacing, skin tightening, and other emerging procedures.

The Symposium was designed by physicians for physicians who are looking at adding aesthetic medicine procedures to their existing practice, start a medical spa, or act as a medical director.

Program Details

The IAPAM ‘s Laser Training focuses on training physicians and their medical staff in the best practices for device-based aesthetic medicine treatments using lasers, light sources and radiofrequency devices.

Part of the IAPAM’s Laser Training is to educate physicians on both best practices and possible complications, including:  

  • 78% of complications occurred in non-traditional medical facilities, such as freestanding medical spas and laser centers in shopping malls;  
  • 46% of complications occurred with hair reduction;  
  • 21% of complications occurred with Laser/Light leg vein treatments; and  
  • 42% of complications were permanent.  

Part of the IAPAM’s training includes overviews of current clinical research.

In a recent study by Vic A. Narurkar, M.D et al, it was reported that, “eighty two percent of all complications [with device-based procedures using lasers etc.] occurred in facilities that had no direct physician supervision. Of these, 57% were in facilities with a “medical director” who had limited training in dermatologic procedures and laser/light-based therapy. Of all the complications, 78% occurred in non-traditional medical facilities, such as free-standing medical spas and laser centers in shopping malls.




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