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Create a Skin Care Package for your Patients

Hi, it is Jeff! Welcome back to another week. I want to give you a short sound bite and give you some ideas. 

My focus here is on how to build your business and survive during these crazy times.

In the last blog, we talked about offering a weight loss program where you could do curbside pickup of your weight loss materials or you could do home delivery to your patients. 

Now let’s talk a little bit more if you offer aesthetics at your practice. 

Not many of you cannot do Botox injections, laser hair removal treatments, or any of those types of procedures right now, but you can offer a “Springtime Skin Rejuvenation Special”. 

So take a look at what you have in your skincare line (I use PCA) and put together a package with a mask that your patients could do, a 30 day supply of cleanser, skin toner, moisturizer and of course sunscreen because hopefully, they are getting some fresh air. 

You may also call this special a “COVID Skin Survival Kit”, just be creative and think of an interesting name that works for you and your practice. 

If you are near a lake it could be “The Lakeside Package” or if you are near the ocean you could call it “The Beach Package”. 

Try and be creative and put some items together that help promote healthiness and helps you keep in mind with your patients.

How do you communicate this special? Hopefully, you’ve been keeping all their email and names, so you just send out an email. 

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Send either through your EMR or maybe you use free software or a very inexpensive software like Constant Contact or MailChimp. 

So the idea for this week is to think about how you can create this customized skincare package for your patients and put that together for them.

Remember, you need to stay healthy as well! 

Make sure you think about what YOU are doing to keep healthy. 

If you are currently not reading a book, then read a book and maybe challenge yourself to read one nonfiction book and one fiction book a week or every other week. 

That way you get to get away reading a fiction book and then learn something and grow during these crazy times with a nonfiction book. 

You should try and pick up one skill with reading. I’m big into learning and I read six books a month, which makes me a bit biased. 

I think I am going to do some book reviews and maybe some book summary videos as well from some of the highlights of these books. 

It is always a great opportunity when you have the time to build your knowledge up as well. Of course, there are books on food, drinks, and hobbies too. 

I mentioned the Udemy courses in my last blog article, there is a lot of free ones available as well. 

Plus, you can take courses at MIT, Stanford and Harvard online for free. 

Spend some time to rejuvenate your body as well as your minds. I hope you have an awesome week be well and stay healthy!

Jeff Russell
Executive Director

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