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Anti-Aging Training & Conferences

Anti-Aging TrainingAging is a natural process that many of us dread. But these days, new anti-aging techniques and products have been devised that can slow down the process of aging and help provide the look of younger looking skin.

Every year, there are a number of conferences and training programs held all over the world where newer anti-aging methods are being discussed and devised, with evidence to their use being demonstrated through didactic presentations, hands-on training and live demonstrations.

List of conferences

Below is a short list of some of the conferences and reputable training seminars that are held around the world –

1. The International Congress in Aesthetic, Anti Ageing Medicine and Medical Spa

2. The International Association for Physicians in Aesthetic Medicine’s (IAPAM’s) Aesthetic Medicine Symposium

3. 11th AMWC 2013 – 11th Anti-Aging Medicine World Congress

4. Anti-Ageing Conference (London)

5. 9th EMAA – 9th European Masters in Anti-Aging Medicine

6. Aesthetics Asia 2013

7. 12th AMWC 2014 – 12th Anti-Aging Medicine World Congress & Medispa

What these conferences usually cover

Anti-aging conferences are aimed at updating professionals of the latest in anti-aging treatments available, in addition to reiterating essential facts of different techniques adopted. The audience ranges from experts to physicians new to these modalities, and is delivered in a professional yet simple tone.

For example, some of the treatments that may be discussed include:

1. Fractional ablative lasers in skin rejuvenation – Skin rejuvenation is one of the most commonly performed procedures by an anti-aging clinic, and it is essential to keep up to date with this.

2. Reviewing different dermal fillers and how treatments have changed to safer, effective ones.

3. Hormone therapy as anti-aging treatments and for weight loss.

4. Nutrition and its relationship to skin health – This usually relates to vitamins and different foods that can have an impact on skin health and slow down the aging process. Anti-oxidants seem to be the current interest in anti-aging, so there will usually be some form of discussions on that.

5. Common treatment mistakes and how to avoid them – This will be usually presented as a series of case studies.

In addition, conferences will also cover new research that is being conducted in the field of medical aesthetics, including presentation of results and abstracts of papers that are due to be published. It is good way to network with other experts in the field and to update one’s knowledge to ensure the best and latest evidence based treatments are being offered.


Anti-aging conferences and training or symposiums are specifically designed to ensure that the latest treatments in all aspects of anti-aging medicine are discussed by experts and applied by delegates in their practice. Conferences are held all over the world every year and may be aimed at every one within the field of anti-aging medicine, but the best seminars are targeted to physicians and other medically designated professionals.


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