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Attract More Patients with a Loyalty Program

Having problems with patient loyalty? Are you looking for new ways to incentivize repeat business? 

Have you tried some of the existing loyalty programs or considered your own loyalty card?

What can your own loyalty card do for you and your practice? 

And how does it work?


A typical way this card can be utilized is to offer clients a bonus, such as a discount on a treatment, a special rate on a series of treatments, or a free item, when a certain amount of money is spent or procedures are done.

Loyalty programs are so common that they are now expected by most consumers. 

“Why wouldn’t they reward me for my loyalty when there are so many other options available?” is the refrain coming from sophisticated consumers.

It is well-known that customers love collecting “points”, and the data shows us that they will be more likely to return to your practice when there is some incentive involved.

Types of Loyalty Rewards Programs

There are a number of different ways to increase customer loyalty through reward programs. Some ideas include:

  • A gift certificate for future visit: For example if you spend $1000 on treatments, you get 10% back in gift certificates. The key here is to ensure that the gift certificate is only valid for a future date so that the client is guaranteed to come back in to use it.
  • Complimentary service: Example: Purchase 5 Botox treatments and get a complimentary facial or microdermabrasion.
  • Complementary product: purchase a cellulite treatment, receive a cellulite cream. Purchase a laser treatment, receive a post-treatment cream.
  • Referral bonus: if you send a friend/family/spouse in for treatment, you’ll get a discounted or complimentary treatment.
  • Continual loyalty = exclusive look or try a new treatment that is not available to the public yet.
  • Volume discounts on product purchases: If a customer buys three skincare products, he/she will get one free.

The goal of having a loyalty card is to ensure that your patients are interested in what else you offer and will be encouraged to return to your clinic. 

Consider tracking your loyalty card members via email or other social media channels to create a relationship and keep them informed. 

Clients who belong to a “VIP club” or “loyalty program” will feel like a special customer and have more reasons to return to you.

Promoting Your Program

In order to have a successful loyalty program, ensure that all new and current customers are aware that you have it. Offer it to them as an exclusive perk of having services at your clinic. 

You can even personalize it by offering perks on the client’s birthday, on their yearly anniversary of treatments, or when a certain amount of money has been spent. 

Be sure to emphasize the different types of rewards and perks that their loyalty card will get them, so that they become eager to book treatments and start earning those rewards.

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Determining Success

Ease of acquisition and use is key when developing a loyalty program. 

You want to ensure that the card/program is easy to obtain and doesn’t involve a lot of paperwork or information for the client. 

Perhaps consider tracking the loyalty program for the client, instead of asking the customer to keep track of their card or program.

It should also not overload or overwhelm the administrative staff that is in charge of customer service. 

A simple solution is to have an electronic database that tracks all procedures and rewards for each patient. This makes it easier for clients and staff.

Don’t forget to coach your staff and educate them on the importance of selling the loyalty program to your clients. 

It will be the front-line administrative staff that will help determine the success of the program, as they can advertise it and sign people up while they wait in the waiting room.

Overall, while loyalty programs may not be the correct choice for every medical aesthetics practice, they can be a great opportunity for deepening patient connection to your practice and brand.

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7 Keys to a Successful Aesthetic Practice Ebook Cover
7 Keys to a Successful Aesthetics Practice


If you want to create a profitable aesthetics practice, this guide will help show you the way!

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