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What is a "Botox® Boob Job?"

Botox® injections are used for a variety of reasons. This can also include treating medical illnesses that involve muscle spasticity and smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles. 

New applications are being discovered every day.  

One such application for Botox® is a breast lift, often called a “Botox Boob Job’. 

A Botox® boob job refers to injection of botulinum toxin into the pectoralis minor muscle that is located behind the breast right over the chest wall. 

Female doctor and female patient measuring breast circumference

Why Botox®?

Botox® has emerged as a safe and effective treatment when it comes to managing fine lines and wrinkles on the face. 

It can also help with tight muscles that can affect posture and mobility in patients who suffer from cerebral palsy or other spastic muscle disorders. 

It blocks the neuromuscular junction, thus altering the signals that reach the muscles through the nerves. 

Its effects can last for a few months and the entire procedure takes no more than a few minutes to perform.

The Botox® boob job

A Botox® boob job refers to injection of botulinum toxin into the pectoralis minor muscle that is located behind the breast right over the chest wall. 

The pectoralis minor muscle is involved in the shoulder movements and participates in actions such as push-ups and lifting heavy objects off the chest. It works in close conjunction with the pectoralis major muscle.

Once Botox® is injected into the pectoralis minor muscle, it is relaxed and loses its tension. 

It is believed that as a result of this, the normal muscles that counteract the effect of pectoralis minor i.e. the rhomboid muscles become overactive, pulling the shoulders back and resulting in a breast lift.

The procedure can be quite difficult to perform. 

Targeting the pectoralis minor muscle is not very easy as it is covered entirely by a chunkier pectoralis major muscle. 

Questions also arise as to whether blocking the function of such a small muscle in fact has that much of the benefit in offering a breast lift the first place.

Also of note is the fact that the Botox boob job is different to a breast enhancement surgery and is not actually increase the size of a woman’s breasts but only gives the appearance of an increase in size.

How long does a Botox® boob job last for?

If the procedure is performed, the effects only last anywhere between 4 and 5 months. It is offered to women who have a smaller cup size.

Costs of the procedure

Unlike facial treatments with Botox®, a Botox® boob job can take longer to perform and is a lot more expensive. 

Treatments can cost up to $1500.

Risks of a Botox® boob job

There are insufficient procedures that have been performed to assess the risk of a Botox® boob job. 

The side-effects of Botox still remain and allergic reactions, though rare, may occur. 

Furthermore, Botox® boob jobs have still not been approved by the FDA.


It appears that yet another application for Botox® has been discovered. 

However, the Botox® boob job may not be as effective as other procedures that are performed using Botox® injections. Treatments are still not approved and can be very expensive for just a minor breast lift.

Botox is a trademark of Allergan Inc.

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