The Botox® Brow Lift

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The Botox® Brow Lift Explained

The Botox® Brow lift is a procedure that can improve the position and shape of the eyebrow and forehead areas and can reverse the signs of aging. Naturally, as we age, the tightness in our appearance begins to fade. Brows are no exception to that. They begin to sag. Unfortunately, the forehead appears to be sagging with them as well.

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So how does Botox® help here? It works by relaxing specific muscles around the eye area. The position of your brow is partially determined by the balance between a group of muscles pulling the brow up and a group of muscles pulling the brow down. The lateral brow position is determined by the upwards pull of the Frontalis muscle against the downward pull of the lateral Orbicularis muscle. By injecting Botox into specific muscles that work to raise and lower our eyebrows, one can reverse the appearance of aging. The result is a reduction in worry lines and deep grooves that are typically caused by frowning along the lower forehead. The brows are lifted and appear more smoother and more youthful.

Fortunately, the Botox® eyebrow lift can be performed on all skin types. It is a natural fit for those who have drooping eyelids or low eyebrows. The effect of the brow lift is that the skin tissues above and around the eyebrows is lifted so that the natural eyebrow arch is a few millimeters higher. Similar to most Botox® procedures, the results are not permanent and will gradually wear off after 3 to 4 months. Botox Brow lift is the best way to rejuvenate the upper area of the face.

The attractiveness of this procedure is that it can not only reduce the signs of aging, but can also delay the need for brow lift surgery. It’s a noninvasive procedure and can can be refined over time as the patient ages. Well placed Botox® injections by a skilled physician, can give your brows a subtle yet temporary lift. In other words, the surprised look is something that should never occur.

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A Botox injection patient can expect a very natural looking and long lasting result with their brows softly resting along their brow ridge. Again, the lines across the forehead should end up looking smoother. A patient can start seeing the effects within a week. And fortunately, there is no recovery or downtime required.

Who is a good candidate for the Botox eyebrow lift procedure? If your patient has sagging eyebrows or the position of the eyebrows is lower than they are most certainly suitable candidates, depending on the look they are hoping to achieve. As well, someone with deep furrows across the forehead – another typical sign associated with aging. Finally, someone who has more pronounced frown lines between the eyebrows can certainly benefit from this targeted treatment.


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