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Dermatology Training

Dermatology is one of the most versatile amongst the medical specialties. 

These days advanced treatments have allowed dermatologists to get rid of nasty skin infection and perform procedures that make patients look years younger! 

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But a good knowledge of the various procedures along with a long gruelling training period is required to be qualified as a dermatologist

Besides just completing a medical degree, specialist dermatologists are required to do specialised courses to be licensed to administer complex treatments.

These days, dermatology training courses area available to non-doctors that will allow them to perform certain cosmetic procedures. 

Here we will take a brief look at what constitutes a good dermatology training program, and will concentrate mainly on facial treatment and anti-ageing methods.

Understanding anatomy

A good understanding of the anatomy of the face is essential to be a competent treatment provider. 

The basics such as skull anatomy, skin features, nerve supply, blood supply and muscles of the face are probably more important than knowing just how to perform procedures. 

It is this sound knowledge that will help the treatment provider to identify accurate areas where anti-ageing injections such as botox must be administered, without resulting in any untoward side effects.

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Understanding function

There are 43 muscles in the face, with each one of them working independently and in perfect harmony with the others to allow us to express a variety of emotions. 

Our facial expressions depend on the optimal function of these muscles, and possessing a good knowledge of these is essential for anyone who will be injecting them with anti-ageing treatments.

Bedside manner

Some say this cannot be taught, but watching experts performing procedures and how they reassure patients before, during and after the procedure is key to developing this particular skill. 

Patients expect any procedure that they undergo to be performed by experts, and are always worried about side effects and risks. 

Putting their mind at ease using a soft and reassuring tone to the voice and being gentle when performing procedures helps them tremendously.

Know your products and equipment

To be a successful cosmetic treatment provider, it is essential to know the equipment being used and the products being administered. 

Not only does this help one as the treatment provider, it also instils confidence in the patient that their procedure is being performed by someone who ‘knows what they are doing’. 

A detailed study on all drugs and equipment used is essential in a dermatology training program.

Explaining risk

No procedure is without risk. A good dermatology training program will certainly discuss the common complications and risk encountered in different procedures. 

It is knowledge of these risks that will enable the treatment provider to be able to spot them if anything untoward occurs.


Cosmetic dermatology is an advancing field.  Good training is essential to perform all aspects of this field with confidence with good outcomes and minimal side effects to the patient.

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Best practices for injecting botox ebook
Best practices for injecting botox ebook



Emerging Trends, Expert Discussions, Recommendations, Technique Comparisons

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